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Nixeus Revel Optical Gaming Mouse

Nixeus Revel Optical Gaming Mouse

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I received this mouse 12/19/17. It failed today, 07/31/18. Ridiculous. I'll stick with Gigabyte gaming mice.
They want me to ship the failed mouse back to them at my expense. I told them to forget it, I just won't buy their products anymore.
How long does it take to ship to Canada?
Is the white version glossy or matte since the company offers two different models?
Does this drop include the Nixeus mousepad, or was that only previous drops?
Matte white, as confirmed by Nixeus below.
Does anyone have any issues with the scroll wheel squeaking? I've had mine for 4 months (received end of Feb) and it squeaks so bad whenever I scroll.
Costs $5 less on not really worth the wait.
costs less on amazon..
This thing costs a similar sum to the mionix Naos that recently dropped here. What’s the difference? One is an all-around great ergonomic package for the price, while this is a cheap-ass-built mouse with a good sensor with an apologetic mouse pad included. Don’t waste your money on inferior no-name products; do your research, buy well-reviewed brand mice, and happily use them for years to come.
Mionix Naos is also heavier and larger. Have you even used the nixeus revel? Great value for the sensor and shape you're getting, and I didn't have any build quality problems in the 6 months I owned one. Many people including myself feel they aim better with ambidextrous mice, so having a lightweight and small one with a top of the line sensor and sensei-like shape for $30 is a great deal. RocketJumpNinja also rates this mouse as one of his top recommendations out of like 100+ mice, and Nixeus is far from a no name brand. They've established themselves as arguably the best brand for budget gaming products
The Naos has an unforgiving shape that forces a niche grip on the user. Many people will find that mouse uncomfortable or clumsy. It's heavy and it has a stiff, braided cable that will resist movement and push itself around when you remove your hand from the mouse.

The Revel has the current best optical sensor, an ambidextrous safe shape, and it's lightweight, which is something serious gamers will notice. It's a very popular mouse and one of the best budget options if you want a mice with top specs.

Do your research.
What's the difference between this and the steel series sensei? looks so similar.
I bought this mouse last drop and I absolutely love it.
Before this mouse I've used serval Logitech and SteelSeries mice. But this one feels just more accurate.
The sensor(PMW3360) in this mouse is probablyone of the best!

Also I am very happy with the mousepad. It feels smooth and for me it's big enough. However it's just a bit smaller than the SteelSeries Qck+.

I needed to pay a fee ( € 18) at the customs (Netherlands) So the total price for me was ~€50. I was a bit shocked because the high fee. But at € 50 the price/quality ratio is still pretty good. I would definitely recommend this mouse and mousepad to others.

English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part

For future reference, I would not recommend this mouse.
I pulled it out of my drawer about a week ago, and the clicks and movement is not accurate. Not a gamer mouse. I even have problems using it on a web browser, and think or swim.

When I get a new M65rbg ($50 prime users) from Corsair, this is going into the trash. What a waste.
Did you try updating the firmware? It would likely solve your problem. For me revel was as accurate as my logitech g900 and zowie fk1
my new gaming mouse
Hi Everyone,

Thank-you for participating in this drop. I just want to clarify that for this drop that Massdrop did confirm with us that the items are in stock and ready to ship = very likely you may get your items before the expected ship date.
Thanks for hosting this, I shared it to the mousereviews subreddit and it appeared to get a good response. I actually learned about the revel there. Looking forward to trying it out!
I wish the shipping rate isn't that high for SEA users ($9)
Joined anyway, thanks for the drop :)
Already have one but if you guys can get it up to 29.99 it's a nice choice for a gaming kit.
A cloth mousepad + 3360 sensor with a decent quality sensei shape. good deal !