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Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

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Fountain of Possibilities

When making the conversion from standard disposable pens to fountain pens, you first have to select your instrument of choice, and then start worrying about the ink. Once you make that first step, however, an entire world of possibilities opens up. For a full range of color options in a nearly bulletproof ink, pick up a bundle of Noodler’s Ink and pen and start writing the right way.

Note: At check-out, you may select one bottle of Noodler's Ink and one Flex Fountain Pens between the Creaper, or the Ahab (+ $5). Color selections are extremely limited. 

Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

Incredible Ink

The difference begins with the base ink itself, a specially derived formula meant for maximum performance in a variety of conditions. Waterproof, feathering resistant, and UV resistant, Noodler’s Ink works on everything from newspaper to cardboard to tissues, only bleeding through in the lightest of papers. With the quick dry formula, the ink only takes moments to set, unless you’re using cotton fiber or some of the higher recycled content papers.

Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

Bottle the Rainbow

In addition to offering chemically upgraded ink, Noodler’s also provides a unique tone selection that is subtle enough to use in professional settings, but vibrant enough to let your true colors show. On this drop, you will receive a 90 mL bottle. At check-out, you can select any color from Burma Road Brown (brown with a slight green tint), Black Swan in English Roses (rusty brown), Bad Black Moccassin (black), Baystate Blue (royal blue), 54th Massachusetts (dark blue), Polar Eel Black (black), Bernanke Blue (ocean blue) and Vmail Midway Blue (sky blue).

Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

Flex Your Writes

Unless you’re planning on pouring some ink on the page for a finger painting throwback to first grade, you’ll need a fountain pen to go along with your ink. All pens are made by Noodler’s Ink from renewable celluloid and flexible stainless steel, resulting in extremely customizable and incredibly durable instruments. As they are entry level models with low price tags, the quality is not the highest, but they are great for beginners who want a flex nib and to get into calligraphy. The Creaper is smaller in size compared to the Ahab. The Ahab is available in Ivory Darkess Piston Flex, Lapis Flex, or Black Piston Flex Nib. The Creaper is available in Red Piston Fill Flex Std, Navy SFL, or Black Piston Fill Flex Nib.

Noodler’s Ink & Pen Bundle

Ink Colors

Bruma Road Brown
Black Swan in English Roses
Bad Black Moccasin
54th Massachusetts
Baystate Blue

Pen Families

Ahab Flex Fountain Pen (+ $5)
Creaper Flex Fountain Pen


Noodler's Ink

  • Volume: 90 mL
  • Glass bottle
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Quick dry
  • Made in the USA

Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pens

  • Renewable celluloid body
  • Postable screw-cap

Ahab Flex Fountain Pen (+ $5)

  • Flexible steel #6 nib
  • Slide piston mechanism
  • Overall length (closed): 5.47 in (139 mm)
  • Overall length (posted): 6.7 in (170 mm)
  • Body length: 5.04 in (128 mm)
  • Body diameter: 0.55 in (14 mm)
  • Cap length: 2.36 in (60 mm)
  • Nib length: 0.79 in (20 mm)
  • 0.63 oz (18 g)

Creaper Flex Fountain Pen

  • Flexible steel #2 nib
  • Twist piston mechanism
  • Overall length (closed): 5.16 in (131 mm)
  • Overall length (posted): 5.47 in (139 mm)
  • Body length: 4.65 in (118 mm)
  • Body diameter: 0.42 in (10.7mm)
  • Nib length: 0.68 in (17.3 mm)
  • 0.39 oz (11 g)


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Estimated ship date is Nov 2, 2015 PT.

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