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Silky Folding Saw

That is all ;-D
I've never in my life seen one of these work better than a knife nor make it through 2 branches without breaking.
would it hurt if i wrapped this around my dingus?
No, it only hurts if you have morning wood, evening wood is ok, just never ever, EVER, use near your dingus in the morning. I didn’t realize I had morning wood, I pulled the saw out and was twirling it and nicked it, hurt the dingus out of me, as bad as a paper cut.
I would not buy one since I used this is really great idea on paper....not really useful in real world....once the wood get cut almost all the way through, the saw will likely to caught on itself and make it very hard to move further. I found myself had to break the last part instead of sawing through need two hands to use it....if the wood is moving around or in some awkward place, it will be really hard to saw...not to mention when it get start, it always move from where you want to saw due to the two hands pull motion. it also goes on side ways all the time if the wood is too thick... IMO, just buy a silky will thank yourself every time you use it...
Thanks for the recommendation, I've never heard of Silky before, nice saws, expensive though.
I've never used one I liked. waste of money in my opinion. just get a Sven saw or something like it.
how much will shipping cost?
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Nope there is no actually commitment until you confirm purchase, and the drop has ended. Hitting Join Drop is just the first step. You're safe :D
$56 plus a fee to not figure it out yourself, make it payable to Mark M. For doing the work for you.
isn't this just a chainsaw chain with handles? WTH are you guys requesting?
Looks like the blades are not unidirectional. They are actually one direction chainsaw blade links alternating. This doesn't look like it works as well as a unidirectional hand saw.
Once you try a silky saw, these ones tend to not get used much. I guess something can be said about the compactness of them, but overall, I take my Silky Saws with me camping.
Ditto on the silky saw. It's a chain saw without the noise nor gas. It's better then any other saw out there. Just one guys opinion.
silky saws for serious winter survival camping are the most important item. silky will process wood much faster than any axe with less effort and weighs less too. simple!!!
I bought this saw that last time around here on Massdrop. There are a lot of less expensive alternatives available (as others have mentioned), but I decided to take a leap of faith. I am glad I did. The saw, handles and case are all very well made and mine came incredibly sharp. I am looking forward to using it! Like I said, I am very happy with this purchase. After having it in my hand, I'd buy it again in a heart beat!
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I suggest looking in the mirror and asking yourself the same question.
I bought it, received it and my first impressions were good so I thought I would share them. You seem to be the type that wants to touch and taste every turd before forming an initial opinion. I respect that, but that isn't me. Actually, no, I don't respect that, but I see where you are coming from. Your comment wasn't about the product, it was about another comment and it didn't add any value to the conversation.
Here's an idea, how about you buy one and share your thoughts on it?
Oh, and Eric, I have used it and I still like it. If I needed another saw like this, I'd buy the Nordic Pocket Saw again.
The troll is strong with this one. To the dark side he has gone indeed. the dark one feels the need to justify his mistake/purchase. I would never buy one due to the force being so strong, warning me of its faults it did. Need not share my thoughts on it as buying this, a mistake I made not. Value of my comment was strong calling out the hate and darkness from Tony, the empire has already claimed his soul. The empire Tony seeks is strong, but there is another, and they will face Tony within his own darkness and conquer his hate.
These are $6.67 with free shipping from aliexpress.

I own four. They work great with Boy Scouts and complement, not replace, the standard / buck / camp 20"-blade saw.
Anything from Ali is very likely to be a low quality knockoff.