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North x North Merino Hooded Neck Gaiter

North x North Merino Hooded Neck Gaiter

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So what I received was not a hooded gaiter, just a standard long gaiter. Did I do something wrong when ordering? I definitely wanted the hood and was disappointed when I didn't receive it.
No offence intended as I’m a big fan of ethical sourcing. However, the comment about mulesing is misguided and wrong. If you have ever seen a fly-struck sheep you will know that.
This thing rocks. Got to ski with it for the better part of the season and it's super versatile. Was thinner than I expected, but it is just the right weight as it turns out. Worked great under the motorcycle helmet too.
Ordered before and is great.

The only problem for me is that the seam is landing directly onto my nose and lips, and it hurts.

hopefully it can be fixed in later versions
I'm happy with a regular buff, which is probably more versatile than this drop. See this video for the many ways of wearing a buff, which includes a balaclava (WARNING: not quite safe for work, for obvious reasons):
Got my gaiter on the last drop and was able to use it before the weather warmed up. A unique and multi purpose piece of gear. Really liked the balaclava part. Move over Buffs,this is moving in. Like any merino it needs to be delt with more subtly than synthetic but this is definitely outdoor gear and will take the rigors of the wild.
Added the hooded neck gaiter to my pack, and found that it is quite a unique item. Confirming, mine weighs in at 1.85 oz and rolls up to a 2" cube...lightweight and compact. With the builtin hood, it's much more flexible than my Buff, and makes for a great winter companion. Nice for pulling over the eyes in the quilt, blocking and ambient light. Great product, well worth the $25.
Def more versatile than the buff
Purchaced these to compare to my similarly priced Phunkshun Wear neck gaiter/balaclava. Both are 100% merino wool. My old Phunkshun has lasted 4 years with almost 0 problems, hopefully these do good aswell
this is way too expensive, you can get better and cheaper stuff in amazon.
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On the second part of your statement, regarding shipping times and returns, I agree with you - taking quality and some other factors into account.

This item is a bit different from either a plain merino neck gaiter or a merino balaclava. I don't think you'll match it on Amazon. In fact, the first part of your response implies you already know that: "even if i find something similarly priced"...
...Except you can't.
Rats. I thought the "+$40" option was for both gaiter and kerchief. Turns out it is only for the kerchief.
Yes it was misleading at best
Bought two of the neck gaiters last year from massdrop. One developed holes even though it was barely used. I don’t wear earrings or anything that would have caused holes while putting it on. Really odd. They are nice and warm, but I wish they fit looser. I am a female with an average sized neck and I wish it draped more and/or was wider on one side to provide more coverage below the neck. It would be more much comfortable if it was cut more generously. I want to be warm but I hate tight fitting stuff on my neck.

The hooded option looks interesting but again, that tight fit makes this only an option for outdoor activities and not just for staying warm while you run around doing errands and are taking layers on and off. You’re gonna have major hat hair with the way this fits. A loose fit wool hood would be a dream!
Hello! The new Hooded Neck Gaiters are looser fitting than the original neck gaiters we made so I think you will really like them. Thanks!
No gaiter, no order.
Oh cool $22 seems a fair price, *go to check out* what!? All colors are +$40??? Jesus christ
yup.. way too expensive and misleading
This needs more damn gaiters.