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NovelKeys x Kailh Pro Heavy Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh Pro Heavy Switches

Where's the price?
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How did i miss the estimated ship date of october...? longest wait i've had from massdrop :(
Join this drop and wait till October, or just spend $3 more and get them from Novel Keys' site.
I'm in the middle of desoldering the keyboard I'm going to put these on. It's painfully slow.
Crap. My package got delivered, and then it got stolen off of my porch.
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Bet they feel like a dumbass for taking it! Thankfully it was only $20 of stuff.
Maybe they will return it?
Can't wait for these to come.
Even though I LOVE the Box Navy's and even the Pale Blue's BUT having some Sage switches is certainly worth buying.
Very glad that we are now getting a whole gamut of different style of switches hitting MD these days.
Use to remember all you could get were the boring Blues and Browns, glad those days are long gone ; )
I've got an Iris with Sage switches that I use as my daily at home. They're really great switches to type on.
How does plum feel comparing to Zeals, MX Clears and Kailh pro purple etc. ?
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Kailh plum feel... mushy, somehow. Not in the bottom-out, but in the tactility. Pro Purple are a better switch.
I've tried pro Purples, and even though Purples are great still felt light for my taste.
Package arrived and I have way more sage switches than I need, if someone who missed this wants to try them out. Cheers :)
I plan on buying some.
However, I was wondering on how you think they feel and sound compared to other switches. The click bar is all superior, but I like the way a click jacket feels tactility wise. How do they hold up?
Thank you.
So personal. They are between the thin clickbar and the thick clickbar in tactility. I highly reccommend the Box Navy drop right now, they are bouncy and crisp, a real delight to use and worth trying out as a landmark switch. The Navy only have a 60g spring, but more force is needed to get through tactility, so very much a different feeling switch than the Sage, not for everyone. The Speed Navy switch has the thick clickbar but with the heavier 70g spring so to my fingers there's a more natural feel with the higher tension after the click, although the 1.1mm actuation isn't for me. (I wish there was an option for 70g spring in the Navy, I may take the springs from my Sage and put them in the Navy) Navy sound just great to my ears, crisp and deep with thick PBT or ABS keycaps, didn't try them with POM. The Sage were more wobbly than the Navy, but that was on my GMMK Hotswap, I can't say what happens after soldering on a proper board. Compared to the Cherry Blue the Sage have the shorter throw, a crisper click and a touch less rattle to my ears, but the only Cherry Blue I have kicking arond are soldered on a Coolermaster so it's not a solid comparison. My endgame switch would be a Box switch with clickbar thickness right inbetween the thick and thin clickbars, with a 65g spring. I have 12 different Kailh switches I've been testing on my GMMK, so far the Box Pale Blue are my favorite. So personal.
EDIT - discovered in the long haul I much prefer 45-50g springs, so currently switched back to box whites for clicky, box reds for linear, and just getting into these amazing hako violets.
Mine... arrived? Pleasant surprise. Now just waiting on my Tada68 pcb from kbdfans....
FWIW I purchased the plums. All there!
Now I just have to wait........
holding my PCB and plates.....
untill March...
How do these compare to BOX Heavies? They seem to be a little heavier than the clicky ones, but I can't figure out what (if any) other big differences there are. Trying to decide between waiting on these and ordering the BOX Heavies as well once I have more money, or just skipping these and buying BOX heavies.
edit: oh, it looks like these have a 0.2mm shorter actuation point, so there is that
Now these are here, would that mean that the Navy switches will drop next? I'm most interested in those myself! Although that $15 coupon does come in handy for these clickers to give a shot!
Dont expect Navy anytime soon. I still haven’t even received the first batch yet. Eventually they will be on here, but not for a while.
Alright thanks for the insight! I don't mind waiting some time, I have plenty of other stuff to do in the meantime as it is!
How would these compare to mx greens or clears?
I expect slightly lighter than greens, louder (higher pitched) click, the bump something more like the greens, not quite like clears. And a shorter travel and activation point too than cherry MX switches.
So the bump on these would be similar to MX browns correct?
Yes, but a much stronger bump.
people like bottoming out?
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Maximum travel distance is limited by the physical size of the switch so it's hard to make it longer without making a really tall switch...
I have Halo Trues in my K-Type though and they're pretty nice albeit kind of lacking in tactility.
> Maximum travel distance is limited by the physical size of the switch so it's hard to make it longer without making a really tall switch...
Exactly. There should just be taller switches available as an option.
Interesting. I wonder how the tactility compares with the Halo Clears.
Nice to see even vendors can learn and shipping cost got more reasonable.
Now imagine people willing to bite the bitter fee of $21 for shipping to Europe in earlier drops, that haven't been send yet, would have to pay only $13 asked here.
Santa can dream :)
Edit: Fixed currency from € to $
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I think the sheer scale of dealing with MD is challenging for anyone.


<quote> All preorders have been shipped out! Over 500 shipments were made within 2 days. I received the first round of orders on Tuesday - Worked until about 11pm and got all of those orders packaged up. Dropped that load to the USPS on Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon I received the second batch of Big Switches. Worked until about 8pm and got the rest of the orders done. All Big Switch orders were dropped off the USPS early this morning. Here is what my car looked like on the smaller load of orders - - </quote>
Ha! Just want to clarify that this post was about the first round of preorders for the Big Switch that was on my site. This is not for the preorders that took place on Massdrop.
Yawn. Let me know when some actually heavy switches drop. These are middleweights at best.
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I'm here to spread the good wood about Outemu Box Teals. 80g of sharp click. To try them is to love them. Now I just need some more heavy springs...
Yeah, with "heavy" in the name I was hoping it'd be like twice as heavy as MX Greens, not 10g less.