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NovelKeys Woodgrain Desk/Mouse Mat

NovelKeys Woodgrain Desk/Mouse Mat

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Hey everyone!
This is our newest design for deskpads. We are super happy with the way that this design translated to a deskpad. We are also excited to offer a smaller deskpad as well. I will use this comment to do updates about how the order is going.
Thanks for looking and I hope you like the design!

Shipping Info/Expense
- You may notice that the original bigger pads are a little more expensive than the previous drops. This is because with the way that Massdrop is able to calculate shipping, they can only use really one weight. So what Massdrop did here was use the weight of the smaller deskpad to calculate shipping, and they are absorbing a lot of the costs to ship the heavier pads.

- We owe a huge shout out and thanks to Massdrop for offering these shipping rates on these giant deskpads. The price is accurate for the smaller pads, but it is cheaper than what it actually costs to ship the bigger pads.

- In the end though, you will save money all around on this drop compared to previous drops for the bigger sized pads. Normally a bigger pad would cost around $23 or more shipped to the United States. It now costs around $20 total. You will also see some bigger savings on international orders. Please make sure to give @XiK a big thanks for making this happen.

- August 7, 2018 - Deskpads have been shipped out to me. Shipping can take around 45 days to make it.
- August 1, 2018 - Deskpads are almost completed with production. They will ship out to me soon. Shipping can take up to 45 days to get to me.
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Most likely late September. The order has been placed, and I’ll first have to ship out the Massdrop orders. After that, though, the extras will be for sale.
sweet! I just signed up to your newletter :)
Is the stitched edge raised above the surface of the mat? Is it something you notice when resting your forearm on the mat? My current mat does not have a stitched edge and i like that i can't really feel where the mat ends and the desk begins.
Adding another quantity to the order not only doubles the shipping cost, but adds a 50 cent doubling fee.

Do I really have to do two separate orders to save 50 cents?
I believe this is an issue of going over the weight limit for First Class to Priority.
Here we go again..
Would have jumped in if not for the shipping cost.
Please revise 🙏
The deskpads are heavy to ship. The price for shipping is not inflated in anyway. There is no way to actually offer cheaper shipping on these.
Looks like it'll ship just in time to go with the ALT. Looking forward to it!
$17 product with $22 shipping (to Germany)? I am interested in this but not for that price (+ import taxes, I guess) Could it be because of the size of the mat? Maybe Massdrop (their shipping calculator) thinks it's a huge box.
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The deskpads weigh in at 2 pounds shipped. They are pretty heavy for shipping international.
Really want one... but when shipping costs as much as the item it kills the deal for me :\
This doesn't look green to me, it looks grey?
It’s a darker more muted green, but it is definitely green.
Does this mousemat have high or low friction?
I remember some discussion from the other novelkeys desk pads. They said that the feel of this is comparable to the QCK heavy