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NovelKeys x Kailh Speed Heavy Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh Speed Heavy Switches

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I notice these don't have the plastic stabilization stems like I see on my other cherry mx compatible switches. I still have an ergodox infinity keyboard to put together, could I use these switches on a keyboard that requires soldering? Or are these just meant for the swappable switch keyboards?
I believe you're talking about plate mounting vs PCB mounting. Sounds like you have a set of PCB mount switches, these are plate mount switches ( If the Ergodox requires switches of the PCB mounting variety, then these will not work. It isn't specific to swappable switch keyboards though, I don't think, I'm pretty sure it's just the mounting type.
I was comparing the spec sheets of the box heavies and speed heavies and noticed that the speed heavies have a significantly higher bottom out force. For example, the Box Heavy Dark Yellow has a bottom out force of about 70g, but the Speed Heavy Dark Yellow has a bottom out force of about 100g.

What is the difference between these two switches that would cause them to have different bottom out forces? Are the springs different, or is this just a difference between the standard and box architectures?
I believe it is the travel distance in general. The idea with the speed vs box, regardless of heavies, is that to actuate the speeds requires just over 1mm of travel, vs the box heavy which triggers at just shy of 2mm. Since the overall travel for the speed is intended to be not bottomed out as often as the box I think the resistance for bottoming out is higher. Compare the curve of the box heavy orange ( and you can see the bump for the speed is immediate, at like 0.1mm but the bump for box is at 0.6. Anyhow, all of this is to say that I think speed switches encourage not bottoming out thus the higher resistance, and heavy encourages allowing you to rest your fingers on the keys without actuating them.
Subtotal = $28.99
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-> I'm out
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$21.75 to Australia for me. I don't understand how it's so high. I just tried joining a drop for a full size keyboard, and the shipping is $21. Shipping a full size keyboard, switches and all, is cheaper than shipping switches for a 60%...
Completely agree. 100 switches is not a heavy package. It seem inconsistent also. For example I bought a keyboard, recently, that would have included 70 switches an aluminium plate, cables, key caps etc. $15.96 to Australia??
Can anyone describe to me the transparency levels for these switches? Will they work for RGB keyboards or do they drown out color?
I think they will work something like this
That pic is of the Box White switches, but guessing the housing for these is similar since they support SMD. So if your keyboard supports SMD LEDs, then you should be good and they will show through the housing as shown in the pic.
Yeah, SMD lighting will be fine with this. You can see the cutout for the diodes on the switch on the left here -

item : 16.5 USD / Shipping 21.5 USD that's a nope for me i guess.
Whats the difference between these and the Novelkeys X Kailh Pro heavy switches?
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How's the burnt orange compared to a MX Brown... in terms of tactility?
I actually haven't ever used any standard browns (Cherry, Gateron, or otherwise) if you can believe it, but to me they definitely feel slightly more tactile than the Gateron Silent Browns I have, though not as quiet obviously.
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about as much for shipping and handling as for the actual product and then I would have to pay an extra $15 for import duties and fees
Try AliExpress, I recently paid £ 18.97 for 70 yellow switches with shipping to the UK.
This is possibly a silly question, but I can't find the answer in the discussion or on the product page. Are these compatible with those plate-mounted Outemu switch keyboards?
Do the speed heavy pale blues have a click bar inside of them? Ie. box Jades, etc?
Yes, they use the clickbar.
Great! Thanks!