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NovelKeys x MiTo Pulse Desk/Mouse Mat

NovelKeys x MiTo Pulse Desk/Mouse Mat

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Hey everyone!

Here is the latest update. I just got word that the Pulse pads are finishing up the manufacturing stage. They should be shipped out by sea to be by the end of the month.

Once I receive them, I will make another update post.

Thanks for joining!


- August 9, 2018 - Deskpads will arrive the week of August 13, 2018. All deskpads will be shipped out by August 17, 2018. Also, all these deskpads have a little surprise compared to the last round of deskpads. They will all be packed in a nice NovelKeys drawstring deskpad bag. :)
- August 7, 2018 - Deskpads should arrive to me within 2 weeks. Once they arrive, I will begin packaging and shipping out to you!
- June 25, 2018 - Production complete and deskpads have been shipped.
Once you receive them, do you have to ship it to Massdrop and then they ship it to us? Or are you shipping it to us directly? I always thought things have to arrive at Massdtop before it gets to the customers.
I handle all the packaging on these, so I will be shipping directly to you. However, Massdrop will be creating the shipping labels for me.
I got a UPS shipping notification on this. Just means a shipping label was printed but nice to know that they're close!
Anywhere we can buy right now? Or any chance of another drop?
I will have extras available on my site once the first batch ships out.
was gonna join but i fell asleep after i got home from work.... feelsbadman
Silk? Speed? Control? Coarse?
mgsickler Any chance of a GMK red samurai one?
what kind of mouse is that
Mionix Castor
mgsickler Any chance of one with red accents?
In the future! For sure.
Any idea how come a "Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat" from Massdrop cost me $5.5 to ship to Europe and this costs me four times that? They are around the same weight and size.
That is not a good rhythm.
Anything thats not an artisan mat isnt a mouse pad
Hey can anyone who has bought previous desk mats like these give me their opinion on them? Does your mouse glide ok on them? Are they easy to clean if you spill something on them? Is the size ok for you? Why did you buy it other than aesthetics?

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I have owned all the different extended pads from Razer, one from ASUS, another one from Silent Monsters, a couple from AliExpress -- and I can tell you the deskpads from NovelKeys are top notch! Great feel, excellent stitching, they're phat and look exceptional. Definitely a great buy!
I have the Godspeed one at work and it's pretty nice. I can't say anything about how well the mouse glides, but it's pretty much like any other cloth mousepad, only with nicer stitching. I'm giving this one some consideration, especially at this price, but we'll see if I end up pulling the trigger or not.
Man I have the Godspeed Ares one coming shortly... But for just $15 more I could have another one...
I went with the normal Godspeed one. Apparently I forgot I'd bought mine on Massdrop when I made the purchase on Novelkeys directly...