NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Casesearch

NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

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Would this work with a USB-C PCB?
I got one in the last drop for my xd75 and with the plate it’s very stable although you can only use three mounts, but I’m still really happy with it
Could you please explain what was the difficulty with XD75. I am planning to get an XD75RE, hope that fits as well. Which XD75 are you having ?
It fits perfectly but not every screw hole lines up with the mounting points. You can use like 3 of 6 or something like that, but it’s plenty stable with the plate for the kit. I’ve shaken it and it’s dosent budge at all, I’d reccomend the case even knowing you can’t use all 6 holes.
Got this off kbdfans for 60$. Fits a dz60
Does anyone know where I can get a bamboo case for anything bigger than a 60%?
Very happy - fits my Poker3 perfectly. I just need to get some feet to elevate this as it is rather flat. All in all, am glad I got on board!
Do you slide the Pok3r in the bamboo case or take out the base and put it in this? Will all versions of Pok3r fit in it?
Hey I've seen this come up a few times and now I have my mind set on doing my own build with this case.

Can anyone tell me what the price was the last time it dropped? And how often does it repeat. Its hard to tell just by discussion alone because theres not always a mention of ship date in the comments
Would this fit a Vortex POK3R?
Yes, it will fit :)
Thank you
Will this fit for the Anne Pro?
Please! Does anyone know?
I just bought a Pok3r keyboard (the poker 3). Can I just fit it inside this wooden case?
Yes it will. I did the same swap with my Pok3r LE
i really want this case but the fact that SA caps will not fit is a big problem....

the only non sa set i have is gmk carbon.

does anyone have this case with gmk carbon?
GMK/cherry will fit if you were wondering.
What's the likelihood of this splitting as mentioned below?