NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Casesearch

NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

NPKC Bamboo 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

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Would this fit a Vortex POK3R?
Yes, it will fit :)
Thank you
Will this fit for the Anne Pro?
I just bought a Pok3r keyboard (the poker 3). Can I just fit it inside this wooden case?
Yes it will. I did the same swap with my Pok3r LE
i really want this case but the fact that SA caps will not fit is a big problem....

the only non sa set i have is gmk carbon.

does anyone have this case with gmk carbon?
GMK/cherry will fit if you were wondering.
What's the likelihood of this splitting as mentioned below?
Will this fit the zeal60 r2?
I have it for my XD75RE pcb. I can say that I'm impressed with the case, gorgeous and is very smooth!
Bamboo may split if it becomes too dry. I'll prefer the same case design but with other types of wood
Anyone has fit this with gh60?
I put a DZ60 into one of these. I believe they have the same form factor.
Any chance this thing can be stained to be a bit darker without damaging the case
I think some wood varnish would do the job.
Depending on how drastic a change, a good bamboo conditioner can do it also. Howard Products makes a really good one.
Would this fit a Gon NeeD60 PCB?
Is Korean interested in Bamboo case?
I have new this one from joining the previous drop on massdrop.
I joined Vortex Vibe, so I need not bamboo case for 60% case...
if this comment is illegal on massdrop, I will delete this comment. please notice...
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Right. but I bought Vibe instead of Pok3r , Vibe is only Pok3R added number keypad. with 5 rows keyset.
What inflection is writing is that he/she won't get any use for it since he/she is backing a keyboard with an other layout.
Inflection wants to sell their case to any Korean buyer.