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NPKC PBT Rainbow Keycaps

NPKC PBT Rainbow Keycaps

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For the drop that started today, why have the picture for the Plank layout and not provide it as an option?
I like it! My layout is heavily modified, so I have to move some colors around.
Ooh is that the 0.01 z70? Beautiful board! I'm still deciding on what key caps to get for mine because of the slightly annoying split space bar. All the sets I've looked at don't have the split space bar as an option so I'm currently stuck on what to get.
Yes it is.
I cannot recommend this set of keycaps. The colors of the keys are somehow painted and after a few weeks my thumbnail made the first spot rub off at the space key (planck). Nothing for heavy users.

Now I am typing with this almost identical looking set already for a year and do not see any wear:
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i guess i'll just have to buy those then

if i look into the stems of my keycaps they turn a slightly lighter color but its super deep down before it starts to change so idk

my keys around my WASD area have no more rough pbt texture like they used to when they were new, they're completely smooth now and slightly pitted just from wear and they're staying the original color so i guess im lucky
I have the pink kitty cats in that style and they looked awesome on my F row when I was using the backlit version of this set
When is massdrop going to do the Planck again?
That's THE question… i'm tempted to order the keys before the keyboard :(
You can get it from OLKB directly.
I ordered a different set of NKPC PBT keycaps from Amazon. It took about a month to get them. They're not bad keycaps, and have a better font than most of those out there. These were shine-through, but I have to say I don't know that I like them as much as a cheaper set I got from some other manufacturer off of another site. The font is better, and the general quality control of their design is better, but the feel just is meh.
Got mine today.

The box was a little banged up, but the keys were perfectly safe.
found out it was cheaper to buy of amazon after tax and shipping.
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Depends on what you get. Ordering 108 keys off amazon its quicker and you don't get charged tax depending on state.
Which version works for the Planck keyboard?
Will these work on the Magicforce 108?
Yes, supported in this set and almost every other replacement keycap set out there. The Magicforce 108 has a Standard keyboard layout.
Do check and go through this post if you haven't, it'll help you
Use this chart to help you in conjunction. I made it to simple to understand
Forgive me for a silly question, but will the 87 set cover a POK3R?
Yes. Any replacement keycap set will cover it because the Poker uses a standard keyboard layout.