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so it’s a piece of wood... for 20 dollars. I could make that for 2. I more attracted to the keyboard.
24 bucks for a polished slice of wood...
Unfortunately just saw it on Amazon and considering the shipping price here on Massdrop, I had to leave the drop. If it had free shipping I would join but right now it's cheaper at Amazon with free shipping and a delivery date of one week, not till end of July. Bummer!
Got mine today in the UK. Didn't have to pay any import charges thankfully so it was worth the cash in my opinion. Looks lovely and feels good when in use.
It's cheaper on amazon?
How does a wooden wrist rest compare to a foam one (say razor or coolermaster) in terms of comfort and durability?
I think wood is the most durable :)
I also think wood looks alot better for style points
Anyone happen to know what keyboard that is in the photos?
It looks like a Varmillo 87 key.
Any for 70% kb?
Got mine today, I'm pretty impressed.
So... 20 bucks for a polished piece of wood? excluding shipping (overseas anyways)? seriously?
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Thing is, it's not just 20$. (which is high price by itself - as explained before) Including shipping it can get to twice that price. (no free shipping outside of the US) And again, why pay so much for a piece of would? I rather use a gel hand rest that's much more comfortable. Or even buy a keyboard with a built-in hand rest.
I think there's some benefits of wood over other materials. Gel wrist wrests have some sort of cloth on top and that absorbs oils, wears out, gets an indentation where your hands are. Don't get me wrong, they're nice, but I feel you're replacing them more often. I'm actually using a cloth covered rubber one right now and love it, I know it will eventually need replacement, but I wanted something with a little more cushion on it. But having a black cloth covered wrist rest can clash with a custom keycap set or colorful desk mat. So wood can have a couple variations of color from stain that can compliment a desk setup.

But wood also has its own disadvantages. No cushion, so you're wresting your wrist on a hard surface. The finish can still wear off over time, so you can have that happen. But, if you like a more firm wrist rest, then wood is a good option compared to something like metal which will work as a heat sink on your wrists and give you cold hands.

As for built in hand rests. Those are typically going to be ABS plastic, so you're definitely going to get a shine where your hands rests. They're prone to breaking if you're moving your keyboard around a lot or just in general you can snap tabs off if it's detachable.
Curious if these come with a tag saying which amazon tribesman died for my wrist rest.
I received mine via AliExpress today. Paid $22. 😉

Free shipping took 11 days from somewhere in China to Germany. Quality control could have been a little bit better. On the edges it looks like the wood is shining through the paint. This depends on the light and the viewing angle. But since it's just a piece of wood I'm still satisfied.

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What keycaps do you have???
That are Dolch Keycaps shipped with the KBParadise V60.
Man, that's an expensive block of wood...
not bad compared to some other blocks of wood i know