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Is there someone in Europe France wanting to sell one? Thanks! Si quelqu'un en vend un , faites moi signe! Ob jemand ein stuck verkauft, bin ich da...!
For anyone interested, these have same dimensions as Emotiva DC-1
They take lot of desk space
I bought two units but only one arrived. Anybody else has the same concern?
You already received one from the last drop ?, I just got tracking info 14hrs ago but DHL isn't showing anything yet
Mine came with the box checked "EU". I had to move the voltage switch to 115. Make sure that you check which location the switch is in before plugging yours in.
Can someone explain if this will work in the UK. it mentioned detachable cord North american plug... and what about the voltage. apologies if it was already covered in the previous discussion. I have Onkyo digital player and desperate to try to run it with my balanced Oppo PM2s HeadphoneS.
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Volume knob does not have any indicator. How are we supposed to match volume when running two of these in balanced mode
Set both to max, and use a pre-amp. Or use your OS volume sliders.
Can someone please help me. What pre amp/dac goes well with this in monoblock config. I was looking at this one:
This is a sister company of nuforce. Can someone please give me some advice for this hookup. Thanks
MD - bring this back plsss. Running headphones on some Class A mono blocks is my top priority in life right now
Are you interested i bought 2 still new
I missed this drop, if anyone joined the drop and decide to sell it, please let me know.
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I assume you are in the US, I don't want to deal with international shipping
Sorry dropped this from my radar, still want to sell?
Is there any chance this is coming back before Christmas?
I have 2 i bought still new if u r interested
How about using M9xx as DAC for HA-200 ?
What is the drop price on these? does it drop often?
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I believe is was 180, but they had a thanks giving sale a few days ago and it was only 130 usd.
I thought i saw $120 on last drop, but it could be thanksgiving special