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HEM2 or HEM4 for EDM/POP?
Nu force hem4 or nuforce primo 8 vs ue900 any preferece.adv thanks plz tell
Just got HEM1

Packaging and build quality is great but sound quality isnt. Sounds warm and dark. Can't drive them hard either. Spend more money and get HEM2 or other brand. Disappointed.
I just received my HEM2's. I'm using the braided cable and the large silicone eartips. Isolation is very good and they sound fantastic OTB. Listening to some classical (Von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker) on Tidal HiFi quality through my phone and Dragonfly Black. I find them very smooth sounding and warm. Highs sound pleasant and not piercing. Mids are very present with the sub bass kicking in when called for. Overall, they seem very balanced with neither one dominating the other. Sound stage is pretty wide. I feel like I'm sitting in the audience and can locate instruments as well as pick out different strings with ease as they present. Next I'll try some Jazz (Hiromi, as suggested - I like her a lot), and some contemporary pop and hip hop. I'm very glad I got these and am very happy with results just with my mobile setup. I'll try them through my MD 02 amp and CTH Tube Hybrid as well. These are great!
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My SE215s need a replacement.
I find myself replacing the cables too often and the mmcx connectors in the IEM have started coming loose.

Would you recommend these as an upgrade?
For me these were an incredible upgrade from the SE215's. I would recommend them. My only complaint is with the braided cable. Going from the plug to the LR split it is tightly braided. From the split up to the monitors the braid is very loose. I don't know if that is by design or just mine. That being said, I haven't had any sound problems.
FWIW, drop price for this week's drop was $95 for HEM2, or +$85 more for the HEM4.
This review helped me decide on joining this drop for the HEM2s:
tl;dr: great sound for EDM and such. Twisted cable is utter crap; instead use the other included cable that has a mic.

The other factor is that these come with XL tips whereas the EDC drops did not. Poor seal = poor bass and I seem to have caverns for ear canal openings...

EDIT: XL sized ear tips were still too small and I couldn't get a good seal which degraded the sound quality. Returned.
Are there third part cable makers for these?
If there are they're really good at hiding
How would the HEM2 compare to the 1More Triple Driver. I'm not looking for much bass more of a balanced signature or leaning on the highs.
Way more warm and bass/mid centered than the 1More, they're more well-built, the right-earphone cable of my 1More broke after 2-3 months
Nuforce hem2 or nuforce edc3
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Ok so how do they do with EDM and drum n bass genres? Some people say they're good with bass heavy music. Which is it? And most of the Jazz I listen to has very powerful bass sounds. Hiromi Trio Project, Joshua Redman...that type of stuff. Lots of well recorded fretless bass and even old school stuff with upright bass needs to convey the power in the low octaves.
The EDC3? I think they would pair better with trance or house since they're so neutral. They'd be OK for some EDM but may not sound as dynamic or punchy as the HEM2. They would have more clarity and detail than the HEM2 so it depends on which you favor more.

I still think the EDC3would go well for jazz but may lack the impact/punch. Tonally, I think they'd match well. I listened to the jazz bands you mentioned and they're a bit different than what I normally listen to, female jazz musicians: Etta James, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, etc. and think the EDC3 do a wonderful job with their voices.
-needs earbud/iem suggestions under $200

Hey people, I could use some help finding a good pair of headphones to fit my needs. I am open to any suggestions really. Out of the options here currently I’m looking at these or the Massdrop/Mee Audio pinnacle px, but I’m sure there are more and better options out there. I don’t like too much base honestly and my preference leans toward a clear well balanced sound with maybe a little emphasis on the vocals. I guess I’m looking for something that has a good build quality and is under 200 dollars that fits that description
I'd suggest a pair of TFZ Exclusive Kings if you are NOT necessarily looking for bass. They lean a bit towards the high end with a real emphases on the treble. You'll get really good sounding vocals with these, however be warned, they could get a little fatiguing in prolonged sessions. Overall, they are not the most neutral IEMs, but have adequate bass, clean and balanced mids and treble for days. Plus the build quality is good. I got mine at a drop last year and I'm really pleased at what I got for the price. I'd strongly suggest you also got a pair of foam tips or two.

TFZ Exclusive King - good build, balanced mids, super awesome treble, not too expensive
hope this helps.
You might want to check out the TFZ King Pro, iBasso IT01 or the Vsonic GR07. I am still looking into which one to get
I have hem6 for sale if any one is interested. I am selling for $210 and only shipping to US. let me know your email if interested thank you.
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I have a set to sell. Still sealed 230 + shipping?
yes i have already sold it.