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Nylon Mechanical Keyboard PS/2 USB Cables

Nylon Mechanical Keyboard PS/2 USB Cables

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I hope these come back soon!
Can I confirm that we'll be getting 2 cables:

1 straight cable, USB-A to PS/2-Female
1 coiled cable, PS/2-Male to Micro/Mini/USB-C

The pictures seem to indicate the opposite, which is really counter-intuitive.
Will these work between two halves of an Ergodox Infinity? The way the Infinity communicates between the two halves requires a cable to be very adherent to the USB3 spec, a lot of cables seem not to work as a result.
Kudos to you for offering usb C end, I will be getting at least a couple
Youm, how is the connector. I am just concerned about the Quality of the connector. Really interested in the cable.
What's the actual length when coiled up, without applying force to either end?
Anyone know who makes these cables? the price is pretty good.
It's me.
Do you sell these cables outside of massdrop?
I don't understand these. How are female PS/2 to USB-B and male PS/2 to USB-A useful? Shouldn't the connectors be swapped? Or are the pictures deceiving since they don't show the insides of the PS/2 connectors?
So the USB A and whatever else you choose come with this or only one side? I just wanna be sure before ordering two for my different keyboards because I really like the orange ones
Would it be possible to get black heat shrink tubing on the ends instead of white?
Needs beige or at least black
Is this a high quality intermediate connector or am I going to be disappointed with something that feels gimicky? Trying to judge via the images.
just here to point out a typo on the first paragraph, it says "if you're keyboard" as opposed to "if your keyboard"
Surprisingly inexpensive for a detachable design! Disappointed that there are no 'standard' colors (Black, grey, white, etc) or any colors that would go with existing popular colorways.
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Are you this usb cable maker?
Does anybody know how the quality is on ZAP cables? (https://zapcables.com/design-your-own-detachable-cable/) I've been meaning to pick one up but it seems like their store is always closed for some random reason.
Zap is great. As I understand it, it is not a full-time job for the owner, thus the uneven availability. In any case, I have purchased two cables and one bag, and the quality has been top notch.