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Nylon Mechanical Keyboard PS/2 USB Cables

Nylon Mechanical Keyboard PS/2 USB Cables

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Mine came in today. Cable does not work whatsoever. Really upset with the quality of these. Going to reach out to Massdrop.
Mine just came in and I'm kind of whatever about them. The coil wasn't done very well so it looks misshapen in some portions. Also smells like an old chinese smoker.

Dunno what I'm gonna do with these tbh lol
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Jesus. Thanks for saving me the hassle
No worries. Still had time to cancel my order 👍
"If you're keyboard"

Yes. I am keyboard.
why are the colors so shit
I would really love to be able to choose two different connectors if that is possible. I have both usb mini and usb c keyboards that I would like to connect these cables to.
so when you join the two bits together it just acts like a normal mini/micro usb cable? I'm confused..
This looks promising (especially the USB C version) but the lack of communication from Massdrop is disappointing and sketchy
Any way we could buy just the non-usbA connector wire end? Would be nice to switch around the ends
if only there was a white or grey cable.
Still the same odd colorways? I guess they don't like money...
Any chance for Black or White cables? :<
I really want this but the colors are not my thing.
How do you align the middle connector, the pins look like it could be plugged in four different ways.
If I ordered a micro-usb connector instead of a mini-usb connector, is it too late to change my order? =(
I really like the coil and mid connector. I hope to see these again soon!
How much was this ?
It's 24.99 this time
Can I confirm that we'll be getting 2 cables:

1 straight cable, USB-A to PS/2-Female
1 coiled cable, PS/2-Male to Micro/Mini/USB-C

The pictures seem to indicate the opposite, which is really counter-intuitive.
Any confirmation on this?
forgive my ignorance here, but i’ve seen these ps/2 cables around in the comm and im not 100% what the significance is. i mean i get that i can use this cable for keebs that have different usb types, but can i also plug a vintage keeb that has a ps/2 into this cable to use on a computer that does not have ps/2?