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NZXT Kraken X41 CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken X41 CPU Liquid Cooler

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To everyone who may not be fully up-to-date on NZXT's products:
This is not a currently produced product by NZXT, it is an old product which has since been superseded by the X42. Just thought some people might not know that.
Seems like every time I get on here the deals get worse and worse. $10 off of Amazon's price isn't worth waiting for the month of shipping time or whatever. The two products I bought from here took forever to get to me, but at least they were truly good deals. Some of the "deals" I've run across here have been more expensive the Amazon and in some cases more then shops local to me. Get back to the good ol' days Massdrop and give the community some deals to be excited about.
I had the x60 and it was a good AIO. That new CAM software looks cool as well. I did replace the fans on mine with Noctuas. My favorite fans have always been Scythe Gentle Typhoons, but they are not easy to find in 140mm. I also love Noise Blockers. Those are easy to find in 140mm, and the are great radiator fans. The best part about my old Kraken is that it was dead silent with Noctua fans in a Corsair 540 case (the cube one). My custom loop was silent as well, but it cost a whole lot more.

Overall this is a great deal for $70. I am debating. I have the latest Corsair (what was once called an H80i, but this one has gray accents), but I have an NZXT 440 case, so it would look cool to have an NZXT cooler (I bought the Corsair randomly for $30). I am not sure if I will buy this or not. I can say that my former NZXT cooler worked well, and was easy enough to sell.
plsss do a drop with the x52
The MSRP should be corrected ,
It can be found on various sites for as little as 89.99 (amazon)
(how was MSRP mistake overlooked,its on the company website ?)

also the Video is from the Second Gen Kracken series coolers, no ring mirror centers on first gen.
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MSRP isnt what the lowest price is. MSRP stands for manufacturer's suggested retail price. So its just the price that originally NZXT told companies to sell this at.
you are late to the convo, when it originally was posted it was selling for MORE then it was being sold for on NZXT's own web store.I know what MSRP is,i also know when a sale is posted with incorrect information,that is why if you bothered to read this entire thread you would know a admin corrected the price to reflect NZXT price . Good price on a EOL item for sure
I have two of these in my machine, one each cooling a GTX970. I have yet to see either card get over 32C even under load on a warm day, and the fans & pump are as quiet as you'd expect of an AIO system.
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Thanks for the help VerusAmicus / brodie7838. I was talking about the NZXT bracket, but I also thought about just trying to sell my card and get a newer one. Thing is, I don't know if anyone would want to buy a noisy 970 - and it's still a real powerful card (I still game at 1080p). The alternative is fixing the fans but they are like $60 alone, so I thought for a little bit more I can be cool and try liquid cooling haha.
Haha yeah no problem.

I'm one to talk, I've still got an R9 290 for all the same reasons as you and was also at one time considering throwing a bracket on it if only to push the clocks just a little further.
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