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NZXT S340 Elite Computer Case

NZXT S340 Elite Computer Case

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I was excited to see that this case was on here at a 15% discount to the normal price but why is it taking so long to ship? Its been 6 days since the original ship date and im prepping to build my system. Can we get an update please?
I'm also wondering about the lack of updates.
I posted about it on the expected ship date(July 25th) (also 2 weeks after the drop was successful) and the lack of updates.
On July 26th an email went out that said
"Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know.
If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment."

However, the lack of updates is super annoying.
I'm also planning on a new build soon, but would like to get all the parts around the same time so i don't have parts laying around.
Im stuck looking at my horrendous case that i built in with my first build. All the interiors are beautiful parts that need to be displayed properly haha so this case needs to come asap!
So two weeks after the drop date, on the day it's supposed to ship. And we haven't received any information passed "order placed with vendor". What's up massdrop?
Would Join the Drop if there was color options.....
I’m dissapointed that Massdrop only has the black/blue variant. If they have an all black option in future drops my joining is a gaurunte.
So it is only black and blue? Is there no color options?
wonderfull looking case, nice build quality and (compared to my old tower) low footprint BUT not the best airflow due to closed panel, i take it off during summer and not much building space besides the motherboard part, so proper cable management is required and forget custom water cooling loops. but i love the sleek look.
H440 and S340 Elite.

I wonder if we'll downsize some more and get Manta?
Fun Clean case to build in, too bad they don't offer the white I just love the way the colors pop from the RGB, examples below:

Fresh mode:
Oh Canada mode:
Miami Vice mode:
Marley mode:
Who ever is setting up the drop, can we chose the color or not? Because if I can get a matte black one I will get one.
how welll does this case fit an Eatx like Asus Rampage V Edition 10 mobo?
nm, not good at all.... :|
Can anyone confirm the Noctua DH-15 will fit with proper motherboard and ram? Also the Corsair H110i v2? Thanks..
I use the enermax ets-t40f-w with 120mm fans and there is no issue even though it said there would be on PCpartpicker, Ram clearance is fine and I use all 4 slots, the Noctua doesnt look any bigger than the enermax and there is room to spare, like I could fit 140mm on there. I have seen the H110i v2 installed on these cases, check youtube.
Is this color exclusive on massdrop only?
How does the case route HDMI input from the graphics card to the front port?
There's a small cut out in the back where the front panel connector can run behind the motherboard tray and out to connect to the back of the graphics card.
Has anyone tested this extension cable with the Oculus Rift? I know some cables don't work.