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Dammit! Card in hand and ready to buy. Missed the drop. Womp, womp.
Yea, me too! I had the page left open on my browser and kept "forgetting" to go back to it. Oh well, hopefully another drop will happen soon.
I swear, I had en email telling me the drop ended March 20 and not the 19th. Oh well. Hopefully they will bring the deal back.
can I update my shipping address at a later date after registering for the drop?
It should be doable -- please make sure you contact our Customer Service as soon as possible. Thanks!
Are the only waterproof shoes the waxed ones?
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They would be perfectly fine during any virtual SCUBA diving sessions. No problem at all.
I mean, I'm only hear to establish the fact that no one can ask a dumber question than me--do your best, ask the dumbest damn question you can think of, and I will beat you! Ask your Mom for help, I will beat you! I am the KING of dumb-ass questions! Hear me roar!
I wore a 9 nike sneaker, how much should I downsizing for these boot ?
Hi Predator, I typically am a size 10 in Nikes, and 9.5 in Brannock. For these i'd get the 9.5.
Hope that helps a bit.
If these are made to order can I get a pair consisting of two different sizes (for R and L)?
Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to accept an order to that level of customization. Sorry for the incovenience!
Okay, well then can I just get two Lefts in the same size? PS: if it helps, I know a guy who's looking for two Rights in the same size...
Something about referring to my shoes as flesh--that's a little too much shop talk for me!
I've ordered a lot of Goodyear welt boots online and it's hard for me to figure out size. I'm typically an E width. Any boot I've tried on in a D width is just a little too narrow and isn't comfortable. I'm hesitant to order online like this with on option for a return. And I don't know how Oak Street boots fit! I wish these had D and E widths. If I knew I was getting an E I would join this drop in a heartbeat.
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I wear an 8.5 E in Allen Edmonds and own these in a size 9, and have had no issue with regards to width. I can never find shoes that feel great width wise, but these are wider than most standard shoes that I've tried. Hope this helps.
Sounds like you're buying Medium width when you actually wear an EE or EEE?
Also sounds painful!
They go perfectly with my blue bombazine jumpsuit...
What would be the shipping cost to Canada?

Shipping to Canada?! Hey, hose-off you hoser! How about buy'n some nice Canadian boots, eh?!
Here, check these out:
They're a little pricey, ya, so you may have to take a second out on the igloo, eh? Or maybe sell off a few huskies, but hey--you'll be do'n 'er for god and country, eh?
It should be around 23 US dollars.
Thanks for your interest on this drop!