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Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top

Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top

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1500 Watts of Powerful Induction For Any Meal

The Oliso Smart Hub plugs into any standard outlet, but it gives you the full capability of a kitchen range—not to mention it’s accurate to within 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit. Using an innovative gold-plated contact module, which seamlessly connects with different Smart Tops, the Smart Hub is powered by induction technology for even heating of a wide range of meals. Try it for culturing yogurt, poaching, making delicate broths, slow-cooking, sous viding, or even for brewing beer—the options are virtually endless. It won’t take up too much space on your countertop thanks to its small footprint. Stay tuned, as Oliso is continually working to produce more Smart Tops to add to their collection.

Note: At checkout, you can add the Precision Smart Top 11-quart liquid bath (+ $170) or the perforated steam pan (+ $20). This drop is limited to 75 units.

Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top
Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top
Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top
Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top
Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top
Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top

Optional Perforated Steam Pan

Designed to fit perfectly snug in the Smart Hub, this stainless steel accessory makes steaming as easy as it gets. Use it for holding and proofing, too.

Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub & Top


  • Oliso
  • Accurate heating to within 0.18º F
  • Small footprint saves space
  • Sous vide, induction, slow cooking, yogurt making, infusions and more
  • 1500-watt induction base
  • 11 adjustable power levels
  • Countdown timer of up to 100 hours
  • Precision Smart Top holds 10L of water
  • Tempered glass, silicone-edged lid conserves heat
  • Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 17 in (45.7 x 35.6 x 43.2 cm)
  • Weight: 24 lbs (10.9 Kg)

Optional Perforated Steam Pan

  • Stainless steel
  • GN 1/2 size
  • Fits in Smart Top


  • 120V Smart Hub Base with Induction Burner
  • Sous vide rack with movable divider


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