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Are there any color codes for any of these sets? Is “Eraser Pink” 3C? Is "Calm Green" 3B?
Yes, Eraser Pink is 3C on GMK color code, Calm Green is 3B and Ocean Blue is N5.
I don't see an option to buy the GMK Ceresia set as seen in the header. What am I missing here?
I do not see the option to purchase the sets from the first image: teal WASD keys or Purple/Teal sets. Am I missing something?
No. This is from the Hyperfuse set. I'm not suprised they used this image for the header.
Yeah, seems to be a bit of a bait n switch from MD :/
While I would have loved to pickup a set of CMYK mods, $60 is just too much for an accent kit. I can't justify it when I'm likely only going to use the included 1u caps.
Finally can buy that Ceresia!
can anyone tell me which set the K&Co kit comes from?
Perfect, absolutely perfection in this group buy
These are pretty sexy, but $26 for 7 keys is hard to justify when most successful GMK sets drop to $120 for the base kit. A couple of these amount to a whole set sans alphas, and oddly enough seem to be priced the most fairly
My thoughts exactly. When I calculated how much I spent on mods, arrows and space bars in the last 3 months, I realized I could have bought a base set for the price of 30 keys that I've got.
Its unfortunate, because a lot of new sets do look sharp, but my only experiences with the cherry profile are through used boards. In my case its my desire for cheaper keycaps that has left me with expensive boards that are too new to be vintage and too old to have n key rollover, but I still want a set of 9009 accent keys :P
>Made in Germany

So,basically, if I order them, they will be made in Germany, sent to MD and they will send it to Austria where I live?
seems kinda unnecessary
This is stock that Originative has. Also the producer (gmk) usually don't have a supply chain to ship directly to end user.
Hyperfuse Origins + Hyperfuse Mods ♥♥♥
Colours will be different so... careful there.
Thx!! :)
Mhm Magenta Dolch Accent + Ocean Dolch Alphas = GMK Miami Dolch, finally
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Base color is N9, which is the dark grey of dolch. The alphas of ocean dolch are N9 as well.

Dolch colors with GMK are CC for the light grey and N9 for the dark. If you wanted to do Miami dolch you would have to use sky dolch, as that has CC alphas, whereas ocean dolch is reversed.
Cool thanks for confirming that. We shall call it "GMK Miami Nolch"! Since real Miami Nights is black, get it? With Sky Dolch alphas like you say, we'd have actual CC/N9 "GMK Miami Dolch", yet true Miami Dolch DSA had black mods and N9ish alphas. I guess I'll need Miami Nights mods and Ocean Dolch alphas to create the DSA colorway. 'GMK OG Miami Dolch'?