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Orion Hot-Dipped Harness Leather Belt

Orion Hot-Dipped Harness Leather Belt

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Shipping soon???
If I order the incorrect belt size, may I return the belt for a credit, refund, or exchange?
Anyone want to buy my new size 38 belt? This should be perfect if you are a 34 waist.

As many have said, this belt needs you to size up *2 sizes* (or 4 inches) with this thick beast of a belt.

I am going to need to reorder a larger size on this one unless Orion will exchange (mine is unworn).
Anybody know if these can go through a metal detector without setting it off? I have to pass through one 3 times a week for work and I'm always looking for belts that I can leave on and not worry.
I imagine you'd need one with plastic
Ok - I ordered the belt, and I'm excited to see it! Anybody know if Orion makes belts without buckle tongue/prong holes? The belt looks gorgeous, but I'm most likely going to take off the buckle immediately and put on one of my own, and several of my buckles don't need the hole, and some of them will expose that hole, so they don't really work with this belt.
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That's correct. All the Massdrop belts are just as listed, no modifications, I'm afraid. They are still made to order, it's just that we receive the bulk order from Massdrop, and the way shipping and fulfillment is handled really doesn't allow for any more modifications than specified in the drop.
No problem. I'll use this one to make sure all sizing etc. is solid for when I contact you about the next one. Thanks again!
My jeans say size 32. I ordered size 34. Need to buckle it at the very last hole. Should have gotten the 36.
Mine is too small also. Is there a way to exchange? This is a beautful belt!
Mine arrived today. It is beautiful...but unfortunately quite a bit small. Hoping support can help - i’d love to exchange for a size up. It really is a beautiful belt.
I bought 2 orion belts on a drop in 2015. One was excellent. The other was terrible and had a massive defect through the leather. There's no way they missed this, they let it go out the door this way. Never again.
We're sorry to hear you aren't happy with your belt. Please, keep in mind that we are all people working on your belts, and sometimes we can make mistakes. We have a 100 year warranty on our items, which absolutely covers manufacturing defects. That warranty includes belts purchase through Massdrop. If you would like to contact us directly, and provide pictures of what the problem is with your belt, we can address the issue. Here is our email: info@orionleathercompany.com.
This is a great belt! It's my daily work wear belt with a "Colorado" buckle I picked up off eBay. It is going to take a while to fully break in, but I don't feel any stiffness. It'll definitely be a long wearing belt.
Taking a second look at this belt, it may be thicker than 9/10 weight leather and it isn't skivved down at the buckle which is why it kind of bulges a little as seen on the model wearing one. That's a pretty thick fold of leather around the buckle. It'll also cause the belt to draw a little snugger. Belts this thick may require a little breaking in to become most comfortable.
By "hot dipped," I'm going to assume they mean "oil tanned" which isn't uncommon for good quality belts and this one is for that price. Still, I'd prefer that the edges were slightly beveled to resist pinching, rolling and folding. But, otherwise, it looks to be about 9/10 weight leather which means it'll last a very long time. Probably drum dyed too which is the most thorought way to do it front and back and the backside is a sueded finish so it won't sliding around. That type of oil finish is also easy care. You can rub out scuffs or scars easily and condition the leather to restore color depth.
The mid brown shade and the choice of brass or nickel finishes for the buckle are great. But I would love to see a drop for this style of belt in a slightly smaller width. The 1.5 in (38mm) size coupled with the very rugged finish make this a decidedly casual belt. But in a 32mm or 35mm width it would be much more versatile.
You're entitled to your opinion, but mine is that the leather makes it too casual already. The width isn't going to change the formality of this belt.
Just received in Singapore today (13.2.2018), perfect timing just before the Lunar New Year. This is the thickest leather belt i've owned. It feels waxy and has a pull up effect on the holes that i'm using. I'm size 32 and got the 34, the length is perfect as i prefer my belt to fit just right. Because the leather is so thick some how it feels short, however after comparing with other belts i'm using, lengths are very similar. The buckle feels solid and nicely screwed on tight. This has to be the best leather quality i've ever seen in a belt. Overall very happy with my purchase, can't wait to see how it turns out seasoned. Once again thank you very much Massdrop :)