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Oris Aquis Ladies' Automatic Watch

Oris Aquis Ladies' Automatic Watch

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I also want to mention that this watch looked really good on my brother too, who has similar sized wrist as me (6.5").
I have a 6" wrist, and it looks good on me.
i have 5,9 so should be perfect on mine hahaha
if not... will be a gift for the girlfriend.
i wish i could buy an oris 43mm
This guy in Germany makes custom aftermarket leather straps that will fit Oris watches. They look quite well made (and expensive).


I been wearing mine since i got it and i got curious how accurate it was. I know if i was super anal about accuracy, i'd wear a quartz or look at my smartphone, but just out of curiosity, wanted to see how my watch stacks up. I know it's not COSC certified and it's not a chronometer watch, but i was expecting the watch to be off to the tune of around ~10sec a day.

In the past 25hrs, it's 65 seconds fast, is that normal? To those people that bought this watch, have you guys noticed anything yet? I'm going to keep my watch running and see how off it is after a week, just to satisfy my scientific curiosity.
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Thank you for your response, you've confirmed my suspicion that its a bit too off. Its not magnetized, i used the app Lepsi to check, but i’ll run it by a degrausser if i get the chance. I do think it was the shipping, when i opened the box the watch was not securely in the holder; both the holder and the watch were lose in the box.

Edit: i reran it on the lepsi app and it showed that it is magnetized. note to self, when checking the watch, make sure to face the case-back and not the watch face to the phone. The magnetism must be so minute that it didn't pick it up when i scanned the watch-face.
Who knows what it may have sat next to in transit. I'm pretty sure a powerful motor or speaker could've done it. Let us know if the degauser fixes it.
I would definitely like to see pics of this on a man with small wrists. I was super tempted to buy it since I have 6" wrists, but in the end chickened out because of the lack of pictures out there. I guess I could pick one up and hand it down to the GF.
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They are considerably longer. Righty tighty/ lefty loosey. Did you go the wrong way with them?
It was quite a while ago. I believe I did unscrew them the right way but I did not use a proper watch holder to hold the case in place, just an extra helping hand to stabilise the watch. Perhaps the angle which I applied the force cause them to snap?
For the record, this time around 30 purchased so far at $479.99, shortly before the drop ended.

Last time, 35 sold at $479.99.


So this is selling reasonably well for a watch in its price range, and for ladies.
It got up to 30 purchased when i last saw it. Now comes the difficult game of waiting for my watch to get in.
Thanks, I changed it. I like to record the number sold and price for items I'm interested in, since Massdrop seems to send that information to the memory hole when a drop ends.
Waiting / wishing this to be offered in stainless steel and with the bracelet. Long term, stainless will show fewer dings and wear than PVD. The watch is still a good value at this price.
Nice watch for the nice price.
It's very difficult to find a good photo or video of this watch on hand in order to understand how they look. But a little searching and comparing with similar models help me to understand some things. The main thing is that it is not a unisex watch. Rubber band width going from 18mm to 14mm and it will be very weird-looking on male wrist. Secondly, I was afraid that this watch is very massive because on several sites height indicates as 13 mm. But I found true dimensions of the watch from the owner and it is 11 mm. Lug to lug size only 40 mm and it is less than Seiko snk809 (I have this watch and it fits very good on my wife's wrist).
So, I join - will buy this piece for my wife.
All this is a unisex watch. I'm not sure why it was not stated unisex. But after doing research online no where is it stated even on Oris https://www.oris.ch.

Here's a link directly to the same watch https://www.oris.ch/en/watch/oris-aquis-date/01-733-7652-4725-07-4-18-34b where it doesn't state for one sex.

Again this is a unisex watch after doing further research. I think for a male like myself this fits on my wrist perfectly after looking at the sizing.

I hope this gives you all the decision to pick this watch up regardless male or female. Great price to pick it up being that this is a $1000.00 watch if you look online depending where it's being sold. I'm picking up one hands down. Also take a look at urbangentry for a great review on this watch

more info. Yes I know he's reviewing a different color of the watch. That's all. Hope you all enjoy it. Truly a steal for the price.
I hate to be a broken record, but I bought this for my wife the first time around, and the proprietary tapering strap if nothing else makes it a ladies watch. In the first go around I made many posts here, so please scroll down and read them. For instance, look at the last photo in this post for a good idea of the strap tapering:


And then go to around 6:50 in this video review of a stainless version of this watch to see the reviewer put it on his scrawny wrist:


Finally look at the photos on the twig-like wrist of the Chinese hand model here:


Let me tell you that it looks bigger there than on my petite wife, and I think that part of the reason is that, like most photos in this smart phone age, the lens is wide angle, not a 50-mm equivalent lens.

If you do buy this, promise me one thing: That you will do a wrist shot and post it in this thread, unlike the guys from the first drop, who disappeared after buying it. Take a shot from a couple of feet away to eliminate wide angle distortion.

Also, if you do decide to buy it for yourself, have a distaff backup plan: a spouse or girlfriend to give it to if you change your mind.

If the watch didn't have the proprietary lug system, then you could swap out an 18-mm strap for the 18>14 mm strap and perhaps rehabilitate it as a guy's small watch, but the strap cannot be practically changed. I have watches with 20-mm straps, so a guy with a somewhat thinner wrist than mine could pull off an 18-mm strap, perhaps.

At any rate, I'm glad that this watch is selling pretty well, since it's really nice, and I want to encourage Massdrop to get more stuff like this.
Cloaca, I appreciate the information and I can totally agree with you after looking at the information provided. Thank you for sharing as I've taken your information into consideration and yes, I will agree the tapering on the strap does make this watch a ladies watch. I appreciate the clarification and therefore will not be making the purchase.
I've had my eye on this watch for myself (woman, 5'10", preferring ~35mm cases) for over a year. I've seen it cycle through prices with the internet gray market sellers. This is the lowest price I've seen and I just decided to join the drop. Love this watch.
Waiting for that Oris 65 :)
Fully agree, but 65 is very popular model and hardly the minimum price will be less than 1k $