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I just got my set. The spacebar has no shine through at all. In the photos there are 6 dots in the middle for the LED to shine through. Mine is just a solid black spacebar. Pretty disappointing.
Same complaint, the spacebar is blank with no translucent spots on it. Makes it feel out of place with the rest of the set.
Same thing here. Solid black space bar.
Well it have been a few months now since I started using these keycaps, and well the do look pretty nice for a couple of months. Today when i try to remove my keycaps to replace my switches...i start to notice that some of these fonts like my S and D is starting to fall apart. I do play alot of FPS games so that explain why only those keys, but i did not expected to be this soon. I mean it's starting appear on the "W" as well after i carefully inspected them, but just not as bad as the S and D. So yeah, I might just gotten a bad batch, or maybe these font lifespan is that bad. Oh just realized this was delivered to me on Aug 2, so technically it only about a month.
Bought them for my 710+
Greetings from Germany :)
These look pretty but I'm a little worried about durability. I think I'm going to pass.
It looks good but!!!!!!! very easy to vulnerable. I heard about it's weakness and handled very softly. However, "D" key already scratched. Please be careful before to join drop.
These work with corsair strafe run? IIRC corsair has a weird nonsdtandard layout
Yes, except the bottom row.
nope, bottom row does not, IIRC
is there option for uk layout or it is just us
Please i would love this
Will these fit a Rosewill RGB 80?
Just to share something that really bother me with these (i got them the last time they dropped) - the letters print is not directly on top of the LED location on cherry MX stems - so the lighting is a bit dim than if the print was exactly on top like other backlit keycaps on the market which are compatible with cherry MX stems.
BTW I have the Corsair STRAFE RGB.
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Well, Corsair bottom row is not standard ANSI layout. It's natural that it wouldn't fit the bottom row of your keyboard.
The odd fit problem is on you. It's a non-standard bottom row. That's been mentioned in the threads, so do your research. Having said that, it should also have been mentioned in the product details, but they're very lazy about this sort of thing here. The lighting is due to the fact that the LED aligns differently than what the keycaps were designed for.
Would this Work on a Corsair K70?
yes, except the bottom row.