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Paracord Techflex Sleeved USB Cable

Paracord Techflex Sleeved USB Cable

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Any update ? These should have shipped weeks ago... I contacted support twice, but the only answer I got was "we'll keep you updated, but feel free to cancel your order". No ETA, nothing. So ? Any news ?
OK this is getting ridiculous. Its almost been two months.....
Did you finally get it ? My order is still stuck. No details from support...
I refunded my order. Can't wait for too long.
Similar to Vili_R below, I ordered "Black Dots" but received what one can only call "White Dots," which wasn't even an option for sale. Disappointed. Super delay on my very first MD order, then this cable order was delayed for a short while, and now I find out today that they didn't even send me what I purchased.


I ordered Sky, NOT Blue Dots, which wasn't even an option. Looks nothing like Sky. Not happy at all. Should get what I asked for. Second time you guys have screwed up sending me the wrong product. I let the first one slide. Not this time.

from the photos it LOOKS like there are 3 to a drop. Is that true? Or am I missing something. I know sometimes they secret away certain facts in the text, and sometimes, w/o my glasses, I cant see them no matter what. :)
I wish I could get that blue and white weave one.
beige! what a fresh option
This is a crazy good price for the offering. If these prove to be of good quality I'll have saved $10 in comparison to many of the other boutique/custom cable providers.
The length is perfect for me. I like to switch out keyboards often and use a USB hub mounted on top my desk for easy access to my peripherals (I recommend this setup to anyone else who likes to swap keebs often) and 4ft is perfect if not a bit excessive for my usage.
I'd like to see more colors, but there's always future drops.
Edit: grammars.
well too short ffs
The cable with blue "dots" (really diamonds) in the first product photo isn't offered in this drop.
That might bother me if the one-length restriction didn't prevent any of these cables from connecting my furthest source to my DAC/amps.
I want orange w/white heatshrink. :((((
Oh well, maybe I could use white, but that is kinda boring.
Three things: Color, Length, Connector. One of these three are always wrong for what I need when these drops happen.
Wish they included a mini jack cable.
There was a drop a week or two ago that had nothing BUT USB-A-to-miniUSB cables. It cheesed me off, given they had one with the perfect color, but I have zero devices that use miniUSB.
Edit: WAIT, "mini USB to USB" is one of the cable options when you join the drop.
What is the O.D. on the outside of the cable?
No ISO :(
Man, I'm going to be loaded on cables before I know it.
Is that brown or red? I know the option says brown but it looks more red to me. Maybe it's just my phone?
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Unless it looks a lot different in person I'd probably go with the beige since it looks like it would match the alphas from plum.
Beige would be a good match for the alphas, but I don't think I could easily reuse a beige chord with another keyboard/keyset. Also I'm going to have keyboards that use Mini/Micro/USB-C so beige might be a bit too specific for me.... Tough choice.
too short :(
No USB-C :(
YES PLEASE!!! Many use cases for USB-C it's getting ridiculous they haven't had the option on the last few drops. The Samsung S8/8+ use USB-C; that should be enough incentive to offer and make it!!!