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Pelikan M120N Green Black Special Edition

Pelikan M120N Green Black Special Edition

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Pelikan M120N Green Black Special Edition. I purchased this mainly because of nostalgia. My grandmother gave me my very first fountain pen, the Pelikan 120 original, in the late 50s which she bought on a visit to Germany. This new edition is so light but write beautifully smoothly and I am very pleased with it. Advertised on Massdrop as including presentation box and soft carry pouch. Unfortunately neither of these items appeared and it was delivered in a thin cardboard tube. However, as I say, the pen is lovely.

"Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of nib sizes between fine and medium. Quantities are limited to 30 pens with a fine nib and 21 pens with a medium nib. "
16 purchased, Medium nib not available.. nice.
Sorry about this error, which was copied over from the last time this dropped. We've updated with the current QTYs. Thanks for flagging this!
If you are a collector and/or really like this in green, this is a good deal, since these are starting to become harder to find in the wild (personally, I think the blue that is now out looks a bit nicer but this is a personal preference thing). The fact that you are going to have a bit of trouble finding this new from an authorized dealer makes the gray market nature of the buy less of a problem (a reason I normally avoid Massdrop on Pelikan pens), since if your other option is second hand, you are going to be mostly in the same boat in terms of service if there is an issue later.
Just an FYI to Massdrop, offered in good cheer: nice pen, decent price. I would be tempted, but I only use XF. Maybe next time?
I approve of this drop. This is a real fountain pen. If you’re a first time purchaser, you won’t be disappointed (or be taken advantage of) should you decide to join the drop.
Waiting patiently for the blue one to eventually show up on MD
I received the pen in a simple paper box. It's not as what the description said that should have the gift box and soft carrying pouch. Even the product page has shown the package look, but what I received just like this.
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You know, we all have a bunch of damn fancy boxes clogging up our drawers and cupboards from god knows how many pens, and I say, you're lucky! No reason to feel guilty or hesitant about tossing that cheesy box right the hell out of your life--good reddens! Unlike me, who's still fretting about the sexy box and papers that came with my M1000!
It's more sensitive for ink just in the start than the pilots. Japanese pen to my experience have excellent unk flow and many ither pens are just staring in awe. Try an Iroshizuku ink or a J Herbin that are really nice flowing inks perhaps?
If you like "the look" of vintage pens, but with the very latest piston-filling mechanism in place, this is a great option.
Quietly stated elegance, no pomp or circumstance, no flashy striations - just a smaller, lightish pen which holds a ton of ink, and writes perfectly every time I unscrew the cap. The nib, while small, is a pleasure to use - I love the gold plating, which adds to the overall aesthetic. Since I purchased this pen, it has never left the rotation, and is typically ink'd with J.Herbin's Lie de The.
Highly recommended.
+1 on what Ghostwriter said. In fact, I was formulating my remarks, and then I read his and he literally took the words out of my mouth. I got the EF nib, and I thoroughly enjoy writing with it. I had set the pen aside for a week, picked it up, and it started right up. Oh—and what ink did I use in it? Graf von Faber Castell Deep Sea Green. It matches the pen perfectly. BTW, I have a smaller-sized hand, and the pen fits me perfectly. If you like Pelikan, you’ll love this pen. Buy it now!
Too bad it is not the cool white&green marbled one. I would buy that. I have the amber demonstrator m200, which I think is similar to this one in size. I love the marbled Pelikan pens (especially the Pelikan Souverän M800 Grand Place), but the solid or horizontal line pens simply do not impress me. That said, I have never not enjoyed writing with a Pelikan. They are delightful pens.
This commemorative edition line is a load of BS - the pen came in a small cardboard box. Massdrop has misled us and I encourage others to complain. I will be.
So they advertise "free shipping" and I click on the drop link and it's not "free shipping".
"Limited to 100 units". That is quite optimistic.
3/13/17, Got an email that this was again active but I guess not?
Hm, it looks OK on my end. If you still see an issue with the page, could you please send a note to our support team? Thanks for your help!
Active now, yesterday it wasn't.
245 MSRP? I have no clue why this pen is so expensive. I mean, it still has a steel nib. The other confusing part is, even with such a discount, why is it so expensive on Massdrop? Retailers in Singapore retail it cheaper. About $20 cheaper.
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plastic construction: see context!
In regards to the nib, my criticism has absolutely nothing to do with the writing experience of gold plated steel vs gold; it's the fact that it lacks a gold nib. again, see context.
As I previously stated, I own an original. It performs it's utilitarian function well enough , and is absolutely not worth any more than the ~$50 ($40 + shipping) I paid for it. The context of mine and others posts is being severely contorted. Criticism(s) of this pen isn't that it has all plastic construction or a steel nib; it's the fact an obnoxious price tag is associated to the aforementioned characteristics. Anyone interested in this pen should simply buy an original at a fraction of the cost.
For $160 it is much better to get a Franklin-Christoph pen.
Gosh, I was so ready to jump on this when it dropped last time, but Fine was already sold out.
Now with a baby on the way, I can't justify this at all.
Goes to show, if you give people a chance to buy something when they are ready to do so, you can bank that and put the money in your pocket.
It will probably be a number of years before I'd even be able to entertain buying something like this again. So Massdrop lost a sure sale from me because stock wasn't available when I was ready.
I guess that's how it goes. Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.
K.T.N has it a little cheaper. Add a bottle of Diamine ink and get free shipping with tracking. Approximately $131 total.
This is my third Pelikan. I believe it is the best fountain pen brand on the market. They offer the best smooth writing nibs, even with a steel nib.
FYI the tips on the nibs are what generally lead to smooth vs scratchy writing. Also the tips on the nibs on the pens are never just steel, it's a harder substance. This is also the case for gold nibs, the points are tipped with a different material, sometimes the exact same as the "steel nibs." thus they would both be smooth. The flex of the nib and thus the flow of the ink is affected by the material being either gold or steel. In my opinion gold nibs "appear" to have better nibs because they flex more allowing more ink flow but if you want the same efffect on a steel nib just buy an ink with more flow. Gold also does not corrode where the ink meets the tip but this really has no effect on the smoothness of the writing. I prefer rigid steel nibs for everyday consistent writing and gold flexible nibs for more creative calligraphy writing to adjust flow of ink by pressure to the tip.
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Good price but I suspect that this pen has been repackaged and the Special Edition box has been eliminated. At least from what I have seen on other reviews.
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Wow; good investigation
Note that this does not include the commemorative box and ink. Still, this is a great price for a nice pen.
Is the fine nib really sold out?
Can buy F nib in here?
Now this is a pen worth owning and modding
I love the look of this pen. Out of fine, though? I hope this will drop again.
Will Pelikan be honoring warranties on these pens?
Hi there! Massdrop will honor and cover the manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects if the MFR or US distributor won't because of where the item was purchased. Hope this helps!
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