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Is this a fake from China? There was no usual Pelikan box and no pouch nor slightly appropriate boxing. It was in plastic wrap in a basic small paper box. I cannot imagine Pelikan would sell their pens in this packaging especially when every unboxing on YouTube shows the Pelikan box and pouch. I feel like I was scammed.
I got it from Pelikan Germany direct and yes thats the standard package.. They added the "gift package" as extra lol.
For future droppers: neither the box nor the pouch comes with the drop, so be reminded of that before you join the drop in case you also want to have them as well.
Also no warranty.. no help if the nib isn't working well.
Yup... big disappointment... should have been made clear that the box and pouch were not included
Great pen, ok pricing, but avoid like the plague! No warranty included! I really don't understand why you wouldn't pay the extra 38 dollars for a full warranty and also a proper nib check and free nib customisation and the after sale support from a professional. But hey, it's not my money.
A beautiful pen indeed, but I'm already happy with my M605 blue:

Personally, for the listed pen, the lack of the display window is a deal-breaker.
Is it true, Massdrop is not an authorized dealer for you this pen? If so, that’s not right.
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It’s the awful deal they have with the US distributor. Also makes these pens more expensive here—i buy the nib units in bulk from cult pens in the UK.
That is true.. I am really wishing I had not joined.
Regards One (01) Malaysia To You.

Sir/ Madam,

May I know how to identify the ink level because this M805 is not similar with M805 Solid Blue/ Black with window?

Thanks and kind regards.
This pen doesn’t have an ink view window, so you cannot see how much ink is in it.
$470 from the Nibsmith with coupon "ig10" and you get a warranty plus free nib setup and customization. And you can get it before Christmas!
It can be seen on photos but I'll just leave a comment in case people are not paying attention. Material on this pen is really hard to photo and more to the point it has light and dark side. That said, even though I don't have the pen personally, everyone who got it is raving about the looks. In addition to that, it's a Pelikan M800, so quality is implied.
The photos just don't do this pen justice. <3
Be aware though that the material it's made of varies a lot and you might or might not like the variation of your particular sample.
There is no mention of a warranty.
If there is no warranty mentioned in the description, there is none. I have pasted the Massdrop reference link and the text from the link below, if that helps. I have this pen, and it's a wonderful pen. I really cannot imagine much going wrong with the pen, all the Pelikans I own have been great out of the box. Perhaps there are a few folks who experience bad nibs, I would probably take a pen like that to a nib tune person rather than ship it back and forth with on a warranty. Since I have one, I am not in on this drop and cannot tell you if the Massdrop price is a good one or not. Best wishes.

Some products purchased on Massdrop include a manufacturer's warranty. These products will have the warranty listed on the drop page. Products that don’t come with a manufacturer's warranty will be subject to a 30-day return policy.Note: Effective January 2017, the 1-year Massdrop warranty is no longer available for products that aren’t covered by a manufacturer warranty. Massdrop will honor the warranty for drops in which it was originally offered. If you experience any issues with your product and it’s within the 1-year warranty period, please contact Massdrop Support for assistance. 
Thanks for the information. Sadly, it is not clear if there is a warranty or not. I've have inquired about products that have no warranty listed and indeed there _was_ a warranty after all. Myself and others wishes Massdrop would be clearer about this.
Rats I just got Mine at full price lol didn’t expect it come to mass drop so quickly