Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl Fountain Pensearch

Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl Fountain Pen

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The colour on my pen is consistent, and I received the gift boxes. No complaints on those scores whatsoever!!!
So beautiful... and so unaffordable. Shame.
The inconsistency in the color of the pen and cap is also disappointing - discussed at ~7:10 in the video linked below (hat tip: Hanshi!). This is a deal-breaker for me.

I have several of the patterned Karas Kustoms Decographs (eg: 1703 and 1801), and their color is varied from pen to pen, but complete and consistent on each pen:

Agree that the inconsistency of the material leaves much to be desired. If I REALLY had to have this pen, I'd opt to visit an online retailer and get them to photograph the exact pen they'd be sending so I would ensure I received one with consistent color throughout the cap and barrel. And shame on Pelikan for producing these pens with such inconsistencies.
Hi All,

This pen will come with the Pelikan Gift Box and Pouch, our last drop had an issue when receiving the gift boxes at our warehouse, we have since corrected this and shipped those boxes to customers who participated in the previous drop. Grab 'em while you can!

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I got the box and pouch. Thanks for your (and your colleagues') help!!!
glad to hear it has arrived, sorry for the wait!
I was thinking that this was a phenomenal price for such a fabulous pen, but then I see it's coming without the fancy Pelikan box or pouch, and the price makes sense. Still, it's a grey market purchase so caveat emptor.

That aside, I LOVE mine! It's a fabulous pen indeed.
EDIT: Oh, DaveHoff says it does indeed come with the gift box and pouch.
Why does this pen not come with pouch and box?
What a beautiful pen. And I absolutely LOVE Organics Studio Walden Pond Blue ink (though there's precious little blue in it in my experience lol).
Is anyone else having issues like SBREBROWN
with the nib not writing out the box?
Is this a fake from China? There was no usual Pelikan box and no pouch nor slightly appropriate boxing. It was in plastic wrap in a basic small paper box. I cannot imagine Pelikan would sell their pens in this packaging especially when every unboxing on YouTube shows the Pelikan box and pouch. I feel like I was scammed.
I got it from Pelikan Germany direct and yes thats the standard package.. They added the "gift package" as extra lol.
For future droppers: neither the box nor the pouch comes with the drop, so be reminded of that before you join the drop in case you also want to have them as well.
Also no warranty.. no help if the nib isn't working well.
Yup... big disappointment... should have been made clear that the box and pouch were not included
Great pen, ok pricing, but avoid like the plague! No warranty included! I really don't understand why you wouldn't pay the extra 38 dollars for a full warranty and also a proper nib check and free nib customisation and the after sale support from a professional. But hey, it's not my money.
A beautiful pen indeed, but I'm already happy with my M605 blue:

Personally, for the listed pen, the lack of the display window is a deal-breaker.
Is it true, Massdrop is not an authorized dealer for you this pen? If so, that’s not right.
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It’s the awful deal they have with the US distributor. Also makes these pens more expensive here—i buy the nib units in bulk from cult pens in the UK.
That is true.. I am really wishing I had not joined.