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Hi I want to get this pen, but want the decorative handwriting model 800 that comes with the italic nib. Anyone know of any deals for this? Thanks.
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I'm not sure what will be listed on that website, but if you email the owner, Rolf, he replies very quickly and is trustworthy. There are numerous people who can alter nibs for you, if you google 'nibmeister' you should be able to find a few. Altering a nib may be cheaper than finding an existing italic nib. Altering to an italic will probably be $40-50, and a quick eBay search for 'Pelikan M800 italic' prices were about $250 (just for the nib).
Thanks so much Mulrich. I truly appreciate your insight. Never knew you could do that. You live you learn :-)
Good lord! Look that that beauty!
You can get this pen right on Amazon for $474..64. Why in the world would I spend an additional $60 here?
Why go on Amazon, when you can get this pen shipped to the US for a few dollars less from La Couronne du Compte, thanks to the exchange rates and not being charged VAT. I got my M805 Stresemann from them for $350 USD shipped.

Regarding QA claims listed below on the Pelikan nibs: Both the M400 White Tortoise (purchased here on MD) and my M805 Stresemann needed a bit of adjustment to the nibs, but it was minor and did not require any smoothing pads. They're both two of the nicest writing pens I own.
hey guys, in case you wanna buy pens from, my advice is don't even try. it's much cheaper $300 Pelikan M805, but the pen writes horrible and even worse than lamy safari. I had a horrible experience with the pen and their service. returned the pen immediately after inking it up. they are arrogant and and doesn't help much. i wasted my time and money. it's just happened this month.
below is how the pen writes. noodler's the heart of darkness with tomoe river paper. no further explanation needed.
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i searched online before i returned the pen, emailing them about the QC issues, but they later responded that the pen had no issue. that pissed me off.
I've bought 2 Pelikans from CP with no issues. Great nibs and service.

Thats where I bought my Stresemann, shipped super quick via courier from Italy. They ship worldwide. Beautiful pen. I love and would buy it again with a different nin size (broad is pretty broad, haha) but the massdrop price is not very competitive this time.
That's around what I paid from Cult Pens out of the U.K. with free shipping.
Could we have some M700/710 ?
Back in January, I purchased one of these from LaCouronne du Comte for 327.28 EUR, which came out to $350.67 USD. With today's exchange rates, that comes out to $349 and change. It's not as cheap as the Cult Pens price, but their service was excellent, and I'm looking forward to purchasing the M405 Stresemann from them sometime in the next couple of months.
This and the demonstrator has been on my waiting list for a while, but it seems the EF nibs have not been available to last few Pelikan drops. Well, will keep waiting.
If you live within CultPens' delivery radius then you could get the EF Pelikan from them, for cheaper than here.
Thank you for the comment. Saw your other comment as well. I live in the US and had mixed experience with shipping from Britain. Used to order Dunhill from their London ship, and they would take care of all the custom duty and stuff. But at other times, had to use a third party carrier to clear custom and it was headache.
Found this at Cult Pens for $345 USD In "F" (not M405 - M805, just like here). Due to arrive this week. Very excited.
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Strange. I mean my experience was that the pen worked very well, but then I felt that the nib had micro scratches so I contacted them and they said they could exchange it for me if I sent it in. I wanted to make sure the next unit didn't have problems so I asked them to send me an image and as far as I could tell, the next one was only marginally better. I didn't take the risk as I'd have to pay for the shipping, and I knew that my own at least wrote well. So I kept it.
i had quite a few pens in my collections. the M805 they sent me was way way below the writing experience i had with any of my $150-price-range pens ( pilot stella 90's[springy, smooth with quite line variation, great pocket pen] fine is 3 times much better than that of M805) . Honestly it just writes relatively close to lamy safari medium nib, but way drier. I might purchase an M400 two-tone gold nib from and maybe a aurora optima in the future. I'm super disappointed with cultpen and will never ever purchase any pen from them.
that's my just personal experience with cultpen. i also recorded a video to show them the nib performance. Can't believe them told me the pen is totally not faulty, treating me like a dumbass.
Wish there was an EF option