Pelikan Souveran M800 Fountain Pensearch

Pelikan Souveran M800 Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran M800 Fountain Pen

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FYI just bought a Pelikan M800 from UK retailed + free Pelikan leather pouch + free shipping for less than this drop, so somehow glad I missed it...
How long this drop lasted? I saw the email late and it is already done.
D@#% you Massdrop! D@#% you!! No more Pelikan deals!!! Actually, pleased to get a blue/black combo. I like broader nibs and the 800/805 Bs are awesome.
Thank for giving me a yummy deal and then closing it a few minute later right after I found the money for the drop!
😂😂😂 same
Black-green sold out already. That saves me from spending $300...
M800 under $300.
Well done MD.
Must've been because they only had three of them.
Bought it on eBay, new in box for $175 (shipped from Germany).
Hi I want to get this pen, but want the decorative handwriting model 800 that comes with the italic nib. Anyone know of any deals for this? Thanks.
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Thanks so much Mulrich. I truly appreciate your insight. Never knew you could do that. You live you learn :-)
I would suggest getting a Bold, so that the nibmeister has plenty of material to work with and then send it off to someone like Mike Masuyama or Pendleton Brown.

Mike tends to grind his Italics a bit sharper whereas Pendleton strikes a balance between smoothness but still enough line variation.

EDIT: Aaaaaand just like that. They're out of Broad :/
Good lord! Look that that beauty!
You can get this pen right on Amazon for $474..64. Why in the world would I spend an additional $60 here?
Why go on Amazon, when you can get this pen shipped to the US for a few dollars less from La Couronne du Compte, thanks to the exchange rates and not being charged VAT. I got my M805 Stresemann from them for $350 USD shipped.

Regarding QA claims listed below on the Pelikan nibs: Both the M400 White Tortoise (purchased here on MD) and my M805 Stresemann needed a bit of adjustment to the nibs, but it was minor and did not require any smoothing pads. They're both two of the nicest writing pens I own.
hey guys, in case you wanna buy pens from, my advice is don't even try. it's much cheaper $300 Pelikan M805, but the pen writes horrible and even worse than lamy safari. I had a horrible experience with the pen and their service. returned the pen immediately after inking it up. they are arrogant and and doesn't help much. i wasted my time and money. it's just happened this month.
below is how the pen writes. noodler's the heart of darkness with tomoe river paper. no further explanation needed.
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i searched online before i returned the pen, emailing them about the QC issues, but they later responded that the pen had no issue. that pissed me off.
I've bought 2 Pelikans from CP with no issues. Great nibs and service.

Thats where I bought my Stresemann, shipped super quick via courier from Italy. They ship worldwide. Beautiful pen. I love and would buy it again with a different nin size (broad is pretty broad, haha) but the massdrop price is not very competitive this time.
That's around what I paid from Cult Pens out of the U.K. with free shipping.