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Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

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Hello! I have Tradio since quite recently. My pen run out of ink so after a small reserch I orderd pilot/ namiki cartridge. Unfortunatley it does not seems to fit tight as it did when I use cartridge added with pen in box. Is there any checked cartridges which will fit nice and tight? and that cartridge did not want to fit that easy and smooth... I have to puncture it with needle and then place it into feed.Do I do something wrong?
@the_scotsman @pj6150 @yesimthatlisa - I was able to find 2 inexpensive slide type converters that fit the Tradio. As I tried out 5or 6 styles today, I could see why finding a converter is difficult. The longer grip section and narrow opening where you insert the converter prevent most converters from fiting deep enough to reach the feed. The two that did work are narrow slide style converters. One is a Hero and the other is unbranded. I will check my inventory to see what brand it is, or if I have any other on hand that may also fit. As I mentioned, an international long cartridges fit the Radio. Obviously, they hold more ink than the short cartridges. Cartridges can be refilled with a blunt tip syringe.


what's a good, easily available converter for this pen? (available on amazon?)
Good question. The drop says it takes standard cartridges, but I can't get it to accept any converters.
I have an International Long converter in mine right now.. I will try a few different converters/brands that I have and see if I find one that fits and let you know. Seems like someone asked this before... @yesimthatlisa you can empty the cartridge and refill it with black ink... if you have bottled ink.
I think this is a great deal but I really wish the ink cartridge was in black.
@hseltzer @taboo - I believe they come in one nib size - I have never seen them offered anywhere wth different nib sizes or options. If anyone knows otherwise, feel free to correct me 😃 Either way, as I said, it is a great everyday, light weight pen. I have a bad habit of giving away FP's to folks that show an interest in mine and this is a good one to share. One for you and one for a gift - can't go wrong !
I will add this... I was away for over 2 months, returned home this weekend. Uncapped my Tradio and it started right up ! No dry ink, no skipping... Perfect !
I also would like to know the nib size. Please!!!
It's medium. We've added this detail to the description.
Hey Massdrop, I have the same question as j-e-g: what is the nib size? Can I get in Fine?
Sorry, this comes in a medium nib only.
I will start this discussion by saying I have a Tradio ( in black ) and like it very much. I believe I odered it through Amazon for 20+ dollars. So 2 pens for 19.99 is a great price. The Tradio nib is very smooth. It is a wet nib and writes like a medium. I might go as far as to say , depending on the ink, leans toward a med-broad. Because of it's good flow, it shows off the shading abilities of better inks. I don't know if this true for these Tradios being offered through Massdrop. However, I don't see an option for selecting nib sizes. So I assume they offer the one nib size ?? I Iike the pen design and nib very much. It is one I grab often for everyday use. Definitely a sturdy, knock about pen. I have been thinking of getting another for a while... This is a great chance to get two of them for an awesome price.
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does your pen accept a standard converter? Or a standard long cartridge?
@writerstephen - I have an international long cartridge in mine now. I tried several converters this morning for you.. I have several different brands and styles that I bought online... the inexpensive converters ( China ) fit, but didn’t seat snuggly. A Schmidt converter fit perfectly. Did you get a Tradio ? How do you like it ? 🙂. Edit : I just saw that there is a drop for them now. Guessing you’re deciding, to joining or not to join, that is the question. I say join.