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Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

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I want them to bring back the 'dot' pattern. Probably never. Because Pilot has discounted that pattern. :(
Hi, I was wondering if the converter is necessary to include if I want to refill from bottled ink?
I syringe fill the cartridge. Works nicely.
Feedback after about 3 months of usage: After buying this pen, I also bought Lamy Safari, some Jinhao and Baoer Chinese pens (Baoer 388 m, Jinhao 991 ef, Jinhao x750 m), and even after I've adjusted their nibs, every time I return to this pen for writing. Totally recommended!

PS: I'm using J. Herbin Perle Noire with this pen, I syringe fill the cartridge.
"NIAGRA FALLS" (Pilot Metropolitan)?!!!

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Like a "beacon in the night", or a car alarm at 3:00 AM that won't shut off? Either way, it's the thought that counts ;- )
Hello there!
Are there any leftovers or a chance to get into the drop after it has ended (aka: right now?)
I would somewhat love to get some Metropolitans.

Best regards,
It's up again
Folks at MD... Will we ever get a drop of the stub variant of this pen?
Was about to join when I noticed my old buddy Amazon has the black in fine nib for right around 10 bucks. This is a good deal if you want more than one or a different color, but I just wanted to try the model out. Set to arrive Thursday at the office.
"Slowly I turned..."
Wish I knew that "Aerometric converter" aka "Cleaning converter" was not meant for ink filling, but instead to help with cleaning. Reddit is filled with guys that tell the converter stuck because of this (it's not meant for ink filling as they say). If description told me that I'd get a con-40 along with the drop. Amazon doesn't dispatch con-40 to my country. Great! Now I need to hunt a con-40 elsewhere..
Catch-up: the cartridge that comes with the pen works great as a converter. I syringe-fill with bottled ink, and works great. And because the cartridge doesn't have "nipple" like international generic cartridges, it may be used many times. You can even re-seal the cartridge after filling (there's a black plastic thingy that works as a seal, and can used to re-seal).
Hi, I'm new to fountain pens and want to buy ink for the pen, however, after googling I got quite confused.

I liked the color of Pelikan 4001, however, Google told me that this pen is a "dry pen", and likes "wet inks", so combination of Metropolitan and Pelikan 4001 (dry ink) would result skipping while typing.

So, for a medium nib, can anyone suggest me a good and preferably cheap ink ? Is Pelikan 4001 ink okay for this pen ? How's Waterman intense black ?

Thanks in advance,
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Catch-up. Ended with J. Herbin Perle Noire, it's a great ink and works quite nicely with Metropolitan. Got the bottle for like ~$6.5 from a local shop.
I use the Pelikan 4001 inks with this pen. I have not had any skipping issues. But I do use it daily.
Hi! Does anyone know how long the shipping delay will be? I don’t mind it shipping late, but I’m moving next month and I’d like to know if I need to update my shipping address or not. Thanks!
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I did. Thank you!
Got mine too. Looks like it was only a 3-day delay. Woo Woo!