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Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen & Notebook Set

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen & Notebook Set

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I also do not understand why MD has tied the Moleskine notebook and the Pilot Parallels together not to mention that the price is not very attractive, either. However, considering that the price of CON-40 is about $ 7 in Korea, if I include four CON-40s, I have a a little profit than purchasing from Amazon, so I participate in drop.

Moleskine? I think I can find somewhere else to use it.
The Moleskine paper won't be able to stand up under the ink flow of these pens. A shame the drop had to throw it in. I pass.
1000% correct. You can get the "Pilot Parallel Pen Hand Lettering Calligraphy Set" on GouletPens for $1.99 cheaper and it comes with a book on hand lettering that is at least useful. I guess the Moleskine can be useful if you need to start a fire.
This is a bad deal... but these are great pens.

Amazon prices are $23 for the four pens and $15 for the notebook (which isn't great with fountain pen ink) = $38.
Great Pens, they write every time and smooth wet lines.
Agree they are smooth. But they lay down a lot of ink and most paper can't take it, even 'fountain pen friendly' paper.
$23.85 with 2 day shipping on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Set-Pilot-Parallel-Calligraphy-Pens/dp/B0125CTA6U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523607918&sr=8-3&keywords=Pilot+parallel&dpID=61rK4SCzddL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

Is the non-friendly (when it comes to wet pens) moleskin notebook worth $18.14?
$23 on Amazon.
I found all four on Amazon for under $30/set.. and without the crappy Moleskine notebook I already (unfortunately), have.
So, I definitely want the pens but can someone help me decide on whether I should get one converter or four? I have bottled ink for some other pen's so I'm thinking I need at least 1. I also have a pilot metropolitan with the con-20 style converter. I was thinking getting the 4 converters could be useful to upgrade the converter in that pen. But then again, do I really need 4 proprietary converters?

Can anyone comment on potential bleed? With these pens (already got the 3.8mm) bleed is very common on all but the thickest of papers. How does this notebook stack up?

P.S. I've been looking at these pens for a long time and the price for the drop is fantastic. The converters are cheap as well and the notebook is actually just free.
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Depending on how you work you don't need cartridges or a converter as these can be dipped, on top of that you and use a brush to get a rainbow effect on the nibs. That said having a converter for each is a splendid idea. Here is a video I found demonstrating what I mean.


I have a converter for each pen, it's just more convenient. If you often switch between pens then having multiple converters is a must.
As for the notebook... sad to say the Moleskine is a bad choice to bundle with these pens. Nothing but the best fountain pen friendly paper should be used with these pens. And the Moleskine ain't it.
What is a tip cleaner?
The plastic black rectangle with a circular cutout in one of the pictures. It's very thin and good for getting paper fibers out of nib slits (not just on the Parallels, on any fountain pen).
Since the pilot parallel pens have a nib formed from two flat pieces of metal, when you change the ink it's good to clean between the two pieces. The tip cleaner is a very thin, flexible piece of film that you can slide between the two pieces of metal to clean the tip of the pen.
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