Pioneer Andrew Jones 2-Way Center-Channel Speakersearch

Pioneer Andrew Jones 2-Way Center-Channel Speaker

Pioneer Andrew Jones 2-Way Center-Channel Speaker

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In case anyone is wondering how to mount this monster of a center channel, since it doesn't have threaded inserts for brackets, I bought the Monoprice DVD bracket (#8101) on sale for $8.37 (plus shipping) directly from Monoprice. It attaches to the VESA mounts on the back of the tv and the shelf can be above or below the tv. You could also use this bracket to mount it to the wall, but there's more elegant solutions for that. The speaker fits on it perfectly and it holds up to 22 lbs, which is plenty for this speaker. I used blue tack to hold it in place and was able to adjust the angle of the speaker pretty easily as well. Also, for a size reference, I attached a couple of pics comparing it to the Dayton Audio CCS-33B it's replacing. Happy listening!


Something to keep in mind if you're buying this speaker: it's big! It's about 2x as big in every dimension as the Dayton Audio center channel it's replacing in my surround system. It also weighs almost 14 lbs and has no built-in provision for mounting. Silly me for not reading the specs before buying it and only discovering how big it is when I received it. It's not a deal-breaker or anything; I just have to figure out how I want to mount it above my tv or on the wall. There's plenty of center channel shelves and brackets out there that will accommodate this speaker.
With the coupon (which they apply when you pay) it's $39.99. Happy to finally snag one of these! It'll be replacing a pretty decent Dayton Audio center channel handed down to me from a friend.
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Looks like $69.99 to me..
Yes, I got an email from support: they made a mistake with the pricing and changed it. The original price was $69.99, then -$30 for $39.99. Massdrop quickly realized their mistake, but they're going to honor my $39.99 price, so I really lucked out!
How does this coupon thing work? For US customer only?
Edit: Figured it out after clicking join the drop.
New question: better start with this or a soundbar instead?
A soundbar is usually made up with a only a left and right Chanel Plus maybe a sub On the side. It depends what u want to do. If you get this you going to get a surround sound once u buy the rest of the speakers. A sound bar is a space saver and a less tech savvy item.
This is not a great was selling for $59.99 on here a few weeks ago, hence the comments about great price. This is just me.
Yea what's up with that ūü§Ē edit: look at the massdrop note. The can't advertis lower but they give you a $30 coupon off. So 69.99 is price
Currently, I have taken two of these, stood them on end, and use them as rear channels to match the FS-52 fronts, and have a third for the center channel as expected. Backed up by a small, powered subwoofer, I've been very pleased so far with normal volume TV shows, video games, and at higher levels on movie nights.
Previously, I used three of these as the front channels and center in an apartment with good results. The neighbors will definitely hear it if you want them to...
What inputs does it accept?
It has gold five-way binding posts, so any standard speakers connection: banana plugs, pins, spades or bare wire.
Banana plugs are usually the best choice. I use the Monoprice "Right Angle 24k Gold Plated Banana Speaker Wire Cable Screw Plug Connectors" (Product IDs 21912 to 21915 for a pair to the ten pack - currently on sale for $14.99) for my SP-C21 and other speakers with hanging cables. I prefer the "High-Quality Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type" (various Product IDs for a pair to a twenty pack) for receiver connections, though they are a pain to attach.
Pioneer has no pictures of the back on the product page, but a web image search for "SP-C22" turned up a rear view as the first hit for me.
I bought this a few years ago and agree with the above-- it's terrific for the price, perfect for smaller rooms and anyone who's not looking for a killer 7.2 in-home THX experience.
If I have the correct product on amazon, these are going for $299 for pair which makes these here on MD a great deal (54.99 for 1 -correct me if I am wrong).
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any chance this could be shipped to australia?
Okay, still a great deal. Looks like I was looking at different model on amazon.
Whoa this is amazing. I bought this speaker last year (and the bookshelf ones as well) and don't regret a thing but this is a killer deal. If you are looking for a budget level but amazing center channel speaker this is your best bet until you hit like $300.
This is a damn good price. If I hadn't just purchased this same speaker 2 months ago at retail I'd be all over this.