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Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 Floorstanding Speakers

Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 Floorstanding Speakers

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Hello Everyone,

Please note that these are being sold as a pair. Also be advised that there is a coupon at checkout that you can apply for $300 off the primary drop price.

If these were the Andrew Jones Floorstanding SP-FS52, I'd buy them instantly. As much as I want the Elite... I don't reallly need a $700 set of Atmos speakers.
I own a pair of these speakers matched with a Pioneer Elite SC-99 receiver, the matching center, four matching bookshelf speakers, and an ALAC 12" Sub. These speakers are all Andrew Jones Designed. My setup is 7.1.4 (speakers. sub. Atmos) It is a very good Home Theater setup in my opinion.

Note: these speakers are 4ohms making them harder to pair with a receiver. Most cheaper receivers are 8ohms. Also if you want to use the Atmos top firing drivers in addition to the front firing speakers you will need a compatible Atmos processor/receiver and the amp/wiring to support each channel i.e. for each of these speakers you will run 2 pairs of wires (one pair for the front and one pair for the top firing). Monoprice sells 4 conductor speaker wire perfect for these. Also I recommend getting some of the Monoprice 90degree/right angle banana plugs to terminate the wires. A straight banana plug does not fit well with these speakers from the side and sticking them straight into the center of the post is not too secure. In order to drive all of these speakers with my SC-99 I had 7.1.4 channels of Atmos processing but only 9 channels of amplification. So I took my older Onkyo 876 and connected it via RCA to the Pioneer and amplified the last 2 channels.

Cheaper on Amazon, $470 each
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Nevermind i got it
Didn't see the disclaimer
Perhaps the category manager is unaware stereo speakers are typically used in pairs? Might even think Alexa is a “speaker”?
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Not sure if this was in the description at the time you posted but it clearly states " Please note that this drop is for a pair of SP-EFS73 speakers."
Wasn’t—but I see MD got the message.
The industry standard is to sell these speakers individually. MD, once again, is too lazy to clarify whether they are selling a single speaker or a pair.
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They mentioned in the details that the weight is per speaker, so just read a little before accusing them maybe?
I don't know that it's an accusation when he is pointing out that they simply didn't list it clearly. Sure, he can (and most certainly did) figure it out after some looking...but I think his point was that he shouldn't have to do that, which is fair
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