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Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Hi everyone,

The Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit is on the way to our warehouse in New Jersey! Once the kits arrive they will go through receiving and quality control checks. We estimate that the kits will ship by the end of June.

We are looking forward to everyone receiving the Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit and want to thank everyone for their patience on this drop.
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Got it. thanks!
Do you send my missing parts?
Mine finally arrived today on the 2nd attempt (first shipment got returned for an unknown reason). Everything is superb, got all the right components, screws are fine. And even the imports duties weren't too much (cca 40$). Can't wait to put everything together. Btw, are you supposed to leave that foam pad inside the case when assembling?
Does anyone have an idea of how many requests have to be made before this drop becomes a thing again?

I'm just getting around putting mine together. First time I put a keyboard kit together. Not really sure how the stabilizers work on this.

I also don't know if I'm going to have issues like others are having here with the screws and stuff. My mounting screws were already on the case so I don't think I'll have fitment issues. Haven't counted my keycaps. Overall the kit seems complete.

Oh, I got a pink case. So I painted my plate and sprinkled glitter on it. I'm waiting for some LEDs now.
I think you only need the stabilizer if you use one switch for the wide spacebar keycap. And it's mounted to the pcb so that the metal bar is pointed towards the rear end of the keyboard (if that makes sense). You can find videos and pictures online. I also just got mine today :)
Haven't got my kit yet... Really disappointed with the drop.
Has anyone still not got the kit?
Did you send an email? I got mine sent as soon as I emailed support.
Thanks, you are right. I've got mine in mid August after sending mail to the support.
Order picks: Pink Hi-Pro, no switches (providing my own), MX plate, Acute keycap set, Sleeve.

Consider this a Preview Review, as I have yet to build this keyboard together with a friend. For now I did just a parts check and tested the PCB, I will be stern as this is a Premium product, but some of the stuff feels a bit cheaped out on.

Okay, so my keyboard arrived in an ambigious cardboard box for protection, sadly most of the airpackets were deflated I found out when opening the box, but the Planck kit is packed well, so should be able to handle some shaking.

The parts are complete in my delivery, no missing caps, screws or any other part. I dry-fitted almost everything, my switches fit snug and proper in the plate, and it fits inside the case fine. PCB was also connected and tested, booted fine, interesting noises the speaker made, I first thought it was glitching, but it's rythmic and it sounds like super short checking ticks before the start-up beeps after listening again. Touched the contacts to test if it would register too, and it did, successfully 'typed' a few letters in Notepad this way.

Time to get critical! A few things did bother me a little, first and foremost, did that stock cable have to be so thick and/or the opening in the case so small? It can't fit in the opening at all. I do not plan on using it as I have a custom cable, but this just seems silly. My custom cable does also have some play sadly, but might be fixable.

Second issue, alu screws, they're as good as non-magnetic, which is going to make installing a bit of a pain. Seriously, don't cheap out on this, what's it going to save, a buck? I'll happily pay that!

Third issue, my case has a few pretty serious scratches on the inside, as if the PCB was test-fitted up-side-down and the USB connector scratches the inside pretty badly as it's perfectly opposite of the opening for it. There's also a few scratches in the middle of the inside. They might be visible later if looking between the keys, not a show-stopper, but it might irk me, and is just bad. (They're deep enough to penetrate the coating visibly.)

Fourth, the screws seem quite short, but it doesn't seem to pose a problem at all. What does feel like a minor one is that the holes on the PCB are waaaay bigger than the diameter of the screws, the heads don't risk falling through, but it might give some play if they're not fastened tightly, will see if this will be an issue once assembled.

Fifth and last, the Spacebar, it seems like the other keys as the top is not round but a dip, so the sharp edge might keep poking in my thumb when typing.

To finish, some things that surprised me pleasantly, the case and mid-plate, solid, heavy, feel very premium. The sleeve feels superb, very tough on the outside, and stupidly soft on the inside. The caps are thick, very thick, and the texture feels super pleasant, I really like them so far. Stabilizer is included, I wasn't sure, but it saves hunting one down, not sure yet if it's the best quality yet, however. Though the cable end is too broad on the keyboard end, it's braided, pretty decent. Finally, the box shows the standard layout on the bottom, and has links and instructions printed on the inside.

That's it so far, I'm glad mine seems to be okay so far, but the quality feel is missing here and there, there's quite a few small blunders and issues. Reading the comments, I did dodge the most severe ones, but didn't come out without a scratch either, literally.
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thick -> coarse, broad
didn't come

Corrections applied, thank you. :>
standoff screws are way too short, and hi-pro case prevents the cable from plugging all the way in real disappointing
Yep, you've got the exact same issues I've got. I'm waiting to hear back from support... Contacted them last week, still no news...
Update, I just literally can't use this keyboard I waited so long for and paid more for than any other keyboard I've ordered
Soo, my keyboard just plain stopped working after 4 days. Apparently, after some research on the reddit's sub looks like it's a common issue, My PCB is so defective it's literally not working, i don't have a keyboard, i have a super expensive, worth 150$ piece of plastic on my desk.

Contacted Jack and he told me to contact massdrop support, which from what i can read here gives out shitty 30$ refunds. Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is not true. I want my working keyboard, not some shitty $30 as refund.
Pretty sure they gave a 35$ refund to someone who received the wrong plate, not for fully defective boards?
I received mine! Thank you.
But missing space bar keycaps :(