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Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Hi everyone,

The Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit is on the way to our warehouse in New Jersey! Once the kits arrive they will go through receiving and quality control checks. We estimate that the kits will ship by the end of June.

We are looking forward to everyone receiving the Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit and want to thank everyone for their patience on this drop.
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Hey everyone, we wanted to announce that we've added 5 different high-profile case options for the OLKB Planck drop. In addition, Planck designer Jack is debuing the Acute Keycap Set in OEM profile with dye sublimation legends.
With the addition of these options, we wanted to extend out the drop until 2/14 so everyone has more time to make their selections.
However, with Chinese New Year looming, we will need to place an order to our manufacturing partners to hold our spot in the production line. Thus, payments will be processed as originally planned on 1/31 @ 10:00PM PT for members who are already in the drop so we can make a commitment for production. 

Those members will still be able to cancel their order for a full refund or make edits if they want to select different options until the entire drop closes on 2/14.

We want to thank everyone in the community for the continued support and we can't wait to get these keyboards in everyone's hands.
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Jup, thanks. The old order was cancelled directly upon my request and I just got into the new drop.
Oh yeah, it's done. The amount of my order went a bit up though, how's that gonna work?
We're starting the next Planck drop now, and we currently only have the Lo-Pro case option available, but this coming Monday we'll be making some new options available :) I'll be posting updates here!

Here's the full Acute keyset that'll be available in a future drop! Only the base kit will be available in this drop. The full-res image can be seen here:

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Hey! The acute set should be going live later this month. I believe we are targeting around the last two weeks of Feb.
Good to know, thanks for the info!
PCBs are moving and should be completed this week. We will have a more detailed update next week.

We have an update on the status of the Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit. Unfortunately there were some issues with the PCB portion during production, and we now estimate that the kits will ship in late June.

With the latest Planck PCB order, we found some of the components were end of life or had very long lead time with their respective suppliers. We’ve found replacements and we’re working with the manufacturer to get these replacements validated. Other components like the CNC case, plate, accessories, and keycaps are completed and we’re waiting for the PCB so we can pack everything together.

We currently expect the PCB to be complete in early June, and we’ll update everyone at this time with a more precise estimated ship date.

We apologize for this delay and we are working the team to get these kits produced and shipped in a timely manner. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the transactions page:

I do have some pictures of some of the finished parts. Only waiting on the PCB now.

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Should be about between now and tomorrow that they have more news, unless they also work during the weekend. I hope hope to get some news, as I'm itching to cancel my order, to be honest...
I understand that the vendors are the bottleneck, but my beef is with the lack of communication — something that is absolutely within Massdrop's control.
Does anybody know if the 'XDA Canvas Betas + Icon Mods' in this Planck drop were these mods currently listed in the separate XDA Canvas drop?

I can't quite remember and the Planck drop doesn't include any pictures.


I got mine a few drops ago, but I've had problems with the screw thread on the alluminum case is getting worn. Mine only has 2 screws that properly tightens out of 5 now. I'm not sure if it is fixed on newer drops. I will probably get a new case at some point because I won't be surprised if my case just falls out anytime.
I had the same issue, but I discovered it wasn’t due to the threads. Try getting 1-2mm longer screws and see if that helps, it did for me!
Time to cancel this order and preorder a rev 6 kit directly from OLKB instead...
Any update? If it is not on time, I need to change the delivery address.
I think a short update should be possible given that it is only 10 days away.
Well if it's anything like their previous OLKB drop we'll be waiting for a long time.
YanboWu and jackhumbert I'm just wondering how things are looking in terms of shipping this board out on time, does it look like everything will be ready to go for May 14th? Can't wait to get this setup and running!
Guys, are we going to have a new drop soon ?