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We're starting the next Planck drop now, and we currently only have the Lo-Pro case option available, but this coming Monday we'll be making some new options available :) I'll be posting updates here!

Here's the full Acute keyset that'll be available in a future drop! Only the base kit will be available in this drop. The full-res image can be seen here:

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Hey! The acute set should be going live later this month. I believe we are targeting around the last two weeks of Feb.
Good to know, thanks for the info!
Hey everyone, we wanted to announce that we've added 5 different high-profile case options for the OLKB Planck drop. In addition, Planck designer Jack is debuing the Acute Keycap Set in OEM profile with dye sublimation legends.
With the addition of these options, we wanted to extend out the drop until 2/14 so everyone has more time to make their selections.
However, with Chinese New Year looming, we will need to place an order to our manufacturing partners to hold our spot in the production line. Thus, payments will be processed as originally planned on 1/31 @ 10:00PM PT for members who are already in the drop so we can make a commitment for production. 

Those members will still be able to cancel their order for a full refund or make edits if they want to select different options until the entire drop closes on 2/14.

We want to thank everyone in the community for the continued support and we can't wait to get these keyboards in everyone's hands.
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Jup, thanks. The old order was cancelled directly upon my request and I just got into the new drop.
Oh yeah, it's done. The amount of my order went a bit up though, how's that gonna work?
Hey, I want to add rgb LEDs to this keyboard. Can anyone help me?
Anybody adding LED's to their Planck? If so, what color? I'm having trouble deciding which color to choose...I went with the Canvas keycaps in the drop and i feel like i want LED's.....
Is there any info on when the new drop will be available?
It might be a stupid question but does the keyboard come as a kit or is it already pre assembled and soldered?
As a kit, you have to solder the switches yourself!
What's the polling rate for this board?
Am i able to add additional keycaps to my order?
Someone can help me? I want the case of the main image ( but I don't know if it is the normal version or the Hi- version.

The screws holes are different in the main gallery and in the image preview when you are picking. I want the floating version.
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Thank you for the answer. So, should I assume that are the options without the "Hi-" in the name in the dropdown?
The options without a “hi-” are your lo-pro options
Will the HiPro plates from this drop fit into the wood cases currently being sold on OLKB? Or, can we expect to see stainless/brass plate options for HiPro on OLKB? The current option is only Al.
Yeap! They're the same design - I'm only planning on having Aluminum ones on the store right now!
I'm torn between hi-pro or lo-pro.
What kind of case did everybody choose?
Hi-pro. I don’t want to see my switches!
Lo-pro. I want to see my switches!