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V3 Plugies for Android and iPhone

V3 Plugies for Android and iPhone

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Does this support power delivery (PD)?
what ??????? V3 Plugies for Android and iPhone and you can only choose between usb-c and usb mini ???????
Is USB 3 supported? I want two extra diff pairs and capable of charging MBP, not just the plug shape.
Does the usb-c version of this support quick charge?
I just received mine, and yes, it does.
Wow. I can't believe you all, 30 years after I would have bought one, finally started shipping type-c models.
Does anyone know if these exist for mini-usb? I'd love one for my keyboard.
I bought a mess of these on Amazon for under $10 a pop. I used them as stocking stuffers, gave everyone two sets each. They work, but admittedly feel pretty cheap. I'm kinda shocked to see them here for $18 each.
This looks identical to the device from some folks on kickstarter that stiffed ALL the contributors. Took the money and went to market without fulfilling contributor orders.
yup, I was one of those backers, but since then there have been a LOT of clones
These are rebranded on amazon, and they aren’t worth getting. It really let me down starting the day I went on an interna trip. The connectors get crusty and worn After a few months, and then devices can’t recognize it. It causes the phone to sound off every few seconds like it just reconnected after the battery is fully charged.

This product should have been mastered in the 90s, but this product should not be bought.
I would say that yours failed as they were a cheap knock off of this product. I have been using actual pluggies for over a year now with absolutely no issues. The cables and connectors surely do not look or feel cheap.
This is also a version 3 of this cable which is fairly new.
Yeah? I’ll do a little more digging On the concept. Thanks for the distinction.

Still, there’s no excuse in 2018 for this not be a commonplace item with all of its problems corrected.
bought this and it was complete crap.... didnt work
If I didn't know any better, I would say my cable was previously used. There were some kinks in the cable, some type of adhesive on the connector, something just didn't seem right.

Aside from that, it functions well. I got it specifically for an old phone that has a flaky USB connector. This cable allows me to not put any additional wear and tear on the port from plugging/unplugging. The cable itself is definitely a little thinner and flimsier than I am used to not sure how durable it will be in the long run. But it works for what I use it for.
Do you know which version you got?
People still use iPhones?

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my current record of a good android device is 0 for 7. Technically 8 if you include Android enulators on a decently spec’d computer.
2/2) than android devices
1/2) Because they work better
i bought the cable exactly like this from my local store (Miniso) for like 7$ each its 2 meter