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What a fucking scam. Cables are cables,160 dollars my ass. Fuck massdrop for promoting this snake oil, Was gonna buy a HD6XX but ill just buy a HD650 off ebay.
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sure, change. Not improve as they claim. Sure, it can change the sound a bit, but when the description clearly states:

" with significant improvements to ... overall performance"

i have a right to call bullshit
Audio is the most subjective "art" that I have ever come across. One person's opinion is completely different than another. One person's "significant improvement" could be someone else's "significant drop" in performance. Just because you think it won't change the audio significantly, doesn't mean someone else won't be able to hear a significant improvement or change. Audio is subjective, and so are the gains and losses. When I changed my audio cables on my HD650, I no longer had a small amount of distortion at louder volumes. That may have changed a quantitative 1% of the overall sound, but that was a significant change for me. The cables that come with products are there for convenience, and if they are interchangeable, the should be replaced with something better. How much you spend is up to you.
Amazing. For these prices, they wouldn't even give you an L-shaped connector so you don't snap that 2.5 balanced connector! I'll make do with the el-cheapo cables I bought on Amazon that will arrive in 2 days. This money would be better spent towards a new amp, which will actually improve the sound.
Does anyone know if the TR-X00 and TH900 mk2 have the same connectors? Cheers.
Too short for headphone cable. Length should be adjustable or at least more than 1.2 mtrs.
Is the TR-X00 an actual fostex connector? I know they can be got in China for $30 , I just don't want some Senneheiser hack.
Does it fit with IEM that over-the-ear?
This drop is for headphone cables. The following is for IEM cables:
Oh...may I cancel my order and switch to the IEM ones?
I wanna see a drop with custom k7xx cables
The PlusSound cables I want for my Elears would be 265.73 and be only 4ft long rather than 6.

I could buy these or spend $400 more and get the Elex along with the balanced cables I want and an extra single ended cable.

Hmmmm lol.

These guys would have won worlds using these cables
Is it possible to increase the length of the cable?
1.2m is too short for my living environment.
4ft is too short for any situation.. I think they price it like that just to make them seem marginally cheaper knowing that everyone is going to pay more for a longer cable..
Any chance to get a 4pin connector for JH audio V2? Would be for JH Roxanne II.
You can! I'd recommend checking out their website and asking their support. I know that you can order it if you buy on their site.
I reviewed the Exo Copper recently:

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Your link is dead... "There's nothing here"...