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Hey everyone,

I just got a call from the lab that the steel in this knife tested as the D2 claimed by the manufacturer. When I have the complete analysis to share, I will post it here. We are please to be able to offer this reassurance to the community. Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you.
Pimp Daddy Jonas with the full on lab results. Impressive!
Now that I've had this knife (Proelia TX020 Drop Point) for awhile and had a chance to use it and carry it, I really like it and I'm glad I purchased it. As for the detent issue that some have reported, mine doesn't have it. The detent on mine is near perfect - strong enough not to open unexpectedly or too easily, but light enough to flip open with no difficulty at all.
I was jumping on this drop until I saw shipping. I can have it in 2 days from Amazon for about $5 less. Sorry Massdrop, I like to buy from you guys!
Amazon appears to have a cheaper price when you count free shipping, kinda kills this deal.
I like the design and the knife IS indeed a big knife. The problem I’ve heard And seen myself is the detent on this particular knife is Too loose. I recieved a new unit and the knife would, when turned facing demployment down, fall out of the detent as if it didnt exist. Anyone else have this problem? The knife itself is on bearings and very nicely designed.
I just received my knife. I am impressed with how much knife you get for such little money. It's a heavy knife with great flipping action and ergonomics. As for me, I won't get in the weeds weather it's exactly d2. For the money, it's an excellent buy.
D2 is US made, generally, so it seems hard to believe they could ship the bar stock to China, process it into a blade, and then ship it back to the US for $70.
We sell knives for $80-$125 that are made with S35VN steel (by WE Knife) in China, so it's quite possible to do with a cheaper steel like D2.
I mean Kizer is off making S35VN knives for as cheap as $70-80. That'd be the same story of bar stock from USA, NY going to China and then coming back.

So, doesn't seem that unbelievable?
So, do we know if the blade steal on this knife is D2?
For that do you even know if the blade steal on your $400 Rike or Reate knives is actually M390??
There are labs with tests for this (niton gun / XRF spectrometer), and we're working to make that happen so we know for ourselves. I have not yet seen any raw data to support or refute the claims being posted here.
Thanks for all the info from everyone. I've gotten a few knives off of here but after reading I may skip this drop even though I want it really bad lol and aslo I read under knives steal that D2 is only a 2 under corrosion resistance so even if it is really D2 it has a high rust factor ....but I still want it damn it lol
People its up to you to check if this knife is D2 steel because Massdrop is just the seller
They don't no the Steel in this knife so Buyers be awear .
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You're welcome, thanks for starting a lively conversation. Once again, if you do ever want to share the results of the test that you've claimed was done, we'd be glad to consider that. Without any evidence that other knives have been tested with different results, I think we'll just consider the case closed. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do some legwork on behalf of the community so people can purchase with confidence.
OK I moved on from this three months ago so move on I have decided not to buy Knifes from massdrop anymore thank you so please don't message me thank you
This message is to Jonas Heineman iam writing to you to follow up on our last discussion about the D2 Steel in this knife I was wanting to know what your outcome and what massdrop is going to do for the customers who believe that their D2 Steel in the knives is not real D2 steel i would be happy to get a reply before the new year Thank you
I did not see this because I was not tagged. The knife is being sent for testing but we don't have results yet. Once again, if you would like for us to take your test into account when reviewing this, you are welcome to share the results with us. If we don't have that data to reference, we can't make any judgements about what it says.
Dose anyone know the finish on the Drop blade
It sucks that they leave out an important detail like whether it’s a satin or stonewash finish! The pictures they’re displaying here could pass for either.