Proelia Knives Tactical Folders (Drop or Tanto)search

Proelia Knives Tactical Folders (Drop or Tanto)

Proelia Knives Tactical Folders (Drop or Tanto)

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Hey everyone,

I just got a call from the lab that the steel in this knife tested as the D2 claimed by the manufacturer. When I have the complete analysis to share, I will post it here. We are please to be able to offer this reassurance to the community. Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you.
Pimp Daddy Jonas with the full on lab results. Impressive!
6+ ounces for a g10 & steel liner knife is kinda crazy. Additionally it seems a bit expensive for D2. The MSRP is absolutely absurd.
I would get the drop point if the red handled version was available.
yesterday I received a Proelia TX030TG knife and I am completely dissatisfied with the product. The presentation box and packaging is really nice. The sheath is really nice but the knife is very disappointing to say the least. The knife is way overly heavy and off balance for it's size. The opening action on the flipper is poor. The lock bar has no insert and sticks.I am not at all interested in sending it in for warrantee service because the knife is just not worth it. I tried to return it by contacting manufacturers warentee dept, no reply. Than, I wrote to Massdrop, but only got back a generic reply, so I gave the knife away!
Is the finish Satin on the drop point and Stonewash on the Tanto?
Ummm, yeah, so...... I just ordered these both on Amazon for $72 and $74 each (and change), with free prime shipping

But stupid retailers don't understand how geography works, so I had to ship them through my out of state sister. New York STATE is NOT New York CITY when it comes to shipping restrictions 🤬

Still, will get these way quicker and a little bit cheaper elsewhere
So I'm guessing that the pictures for the tanto blade are all inverse since the description says both are tip up right pocket carry only. It's cruel to tease the lefties.
Can anyone tell me what the blade finishes are?
Ok so I am not on this drop or that interested BUT I have to say that the drop point is very nice, reminiscent of the FF Falcon blade style. Still, I am commenting on the steel. D2 has been a hot item since 2017 if not earlier 2016 and for good reason. It’s an easier tool steel to get ridiculously sharp and hold an edge. I own a more expensive (shouldn’t be as expensive) D2 flipper and damn is it scary sharp. Yes it isn’t considered stainless aka corrosion resistent but if you own blades then DO YOUR DUTY and care for them. The same can be said of stainless blades like s35, vg10, n690, m390, elmax, etc. Take care of your blades an they will take care of you.
$72.71 at Amazon with prime shipping.
Shipping cost to NZ is to expensive ($20)... likely due to the product packaging. If you could get this packaged in a way to drop the shipping cost I'd be in.
Jonas, I am a lefty who carrys left front pocket tip up or down. It appears in the images the tanto is the only one with a reversable clip, is this the case?
Now that I've had this knife (Proelia TX020 Drop Point) for awhile and had a chance to use it and carry it, I really like it and I'm glad I purchased it. As for the detent issue that some have reported, mine doesn't have it. The detent on mine is near perfect - strong enough not to open unexpectedly or too easily, but light enough to flip open with no difficulty at all.
Amazon appears to have a cheaper price when you count free shipping, kinda kills this deal.
I like the design and the knife IS indeed a big knife. The problem I’ve heard And seen myself is the detent on this particular knife is Too loose. I recieved a new unit and the knife would, when turned facing demployment down, fall out of the detent as if it didnt exist. Anyone else have this problem? The knife itself is on bearings and very nicely designed.
I just received my knife. I am impressed with how much knife you get for such little money. It's a heavy knife with great flipping action and ergonomics. As for me, I won't get in the weeds weather it's exactly d2. For the money, it's an excellent buy.
D2 is US made, generally, so it seems hard to believe they could ship the bar stock to China, process it into a blade, and then ship it back to the US for $70.
We sell knives for $80-$125 that are made with S35VN steel (by WE Knife) in China, so it's quite possible to do with a cheaper steel like D2.
I mean Kizer is off making S35VN knives for as cheap as $70-80. That'd be the same story of bar stock from USA, NY going to China and then coming back.

So, doesn't seem that unbelievable?