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I got all three. The first time I got two but one didn't have the music play when the box opened so I returned it and bought it again during the second drop. I've tested one so far. These things are amazing and the packaging seems worth the 30 bucks alone.
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Is the inner box really black? I have the X-Wing version that I purchase somewhere else, but the main box is gray. The website showed the black box version, but when it arrived, it was gray box. The pictures depicted on Massdrop shows the black box version. Can you confirm display box color?
The ones I saw, purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, were black. Not sure if there were other versions of the packaging.
would love to get the whole collection, but alas it does not ship outside of US. oh well.
For those who own them all, which one do you enjoy flying the most? As in easiest to fly, most responsive, over all most fun?
I got it last week for $27 on Deals Hive. It's going now for $24... but there's 20 more days till it's done. Better deal though . It usually doesn't reach $30 there. they have it for a while now - once a month.

It has a buy now price of $79.00 and you have to bid on it?
X wing sold out..bummer
Can you arrange international shipping? It is not possible now (I want to order and ship it to Israel)
Same here
Loving my X-Wing so far, can't get over how fast it flies! While it did take a few days longer to arrive than expected, their customer service team were extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had.
Bought one each of the tie fighter and x-wing, so my son and I could have dogfights. Charged up the batteries and followed all of the instructions in the manuals. Neither drone would fly. The rotors spin and whine, but they will not lift the vehicle off the ground. All of the controls seem to be working properly. If the barrel roll button is pressed, they will flip onto theirs backs, but nothing can get them to actually lift and hover. Did I get two defective units, or am I doing something wrong? They came in a timely fashion, but we did not open them until Christmas, only to discover they would not fly. edit: looking at reviews for these on amazon, I see that many people had the same experience! Lots of noise and lights, but they do not actually fly. Will be looking for a refund/return. Should have read the reviews on amazon first.
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No need for a sarcastic reply. Bummer your drones didn’t work. Just trying to help a fellow enthusiast enjoy their drones.
You probably have the A and B blades reversed. I originally did the same thing on mine. After I switched the blades to the correct position everything worked perfectly.
Will NOT be buying from MD again. Advising others to pay the extra cost and buy from local retailers or amazon or anyone else! Poor communication from MD. Ordered waaaaaaaaay back in December. No item yet. LOOOOOOOONG AND DISAPPOINTING PROCESS.
Agreed. Customers of online retail expect better.  In most cases, Massdrop offers little to no price advantage.  Could have purchased this quadcopter for the same price from another source. Customers have to wait for their items.  Many times waiting weeks. And, when they screw up an order, like they did mine, they won't replace the items. Even though they have inventory. Is a minimal price difference worth waiting weeks to receive the item? And, the hassle of dealing with Massdrop? People will vote with their credit cards. I'm assuming this is a short lived business. Did you see where they just released a new "drop" of Star Wars quadcopters, yet haven't fulfilled previous orders? Way to go Massdrop.
Any chance that shipping to the Netherlands will become available? I would love to have these quadcopters
Got my Tie Advance and Speeder Bike yesterday. Have flown the speeder bike several times with no issues, works great. Tie Advance was working fine until a few minutes into the first flight and suddenly went for a nose dive. Now the front right motor isn't spinning, looks like it's toast. Hopefully Propel will be able to help with replacing the motor. Also the repulsor lift wheel on both controllers was super sticky. I thought they were broken but turns out it just takes a lot of force to get it to lock in case anyone is thinking it's broken like I did.
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So for the repulsor control, you just had to push upwards hard? Mine doesn't seem to lock to off, and springs back downwards.
Yep, turn the wheel upwards hard. You think you're going to break it but then it locks into place. Both of mine were like that.
Ordered mine on Dec 11th and still don’t have it. I tried cancelling my order and as soon as I send the cancellation email I get an email same day that they “shipped” my order. That was Jan 4th and until now I still don’t have it. Never ordering again from Massdrop. Everyone try canceling your order see if they ship it. Lol. What a joke.
That sucks for all the trouble you guys are having. I ordered on November 27 and received on December 11. I guess I was lucky.
Received the quadcopter today. Massdrop sent the wrong one. Order an X-Wing. They sent an X1. Ordered it for my sons birthday that is 9 days from now. Thanks Massdrop. I love it when you get sent something you didn't order.
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So get this. Massdrop is selling more Star Wars quadcopters. And, they have the X-Wing. But, they wouldn't replace the wrong order they sent me. So, the message I received from them, "We only order the exact quantities needed for each drop, which means there is no extra inventory available to send as a replacement. " is total BS. But, they do have inventory to replace the wrong item. They're just too full of themselves to make things right. Untrustworthy.
They full refund you for the faulty quadchopper, but then you have to reorder if they do another drop. They got enough votes to reinitiate a drop, but i do not have the money to buy one :*( If you want these at the price they are at hete, going to have to work around their shortcomings. If not, Amazon is selling them for $20 plus or more! Not trying to be snarky, it is the nature of this beast. I had no issues with them refunding me, but i am not sure if my story is the norm. Doing the steps to get there is not exactly convenient, but not impossible. They also did not try charging me any reshelving fee. So, i guess it is a matter of what you can tolerate, then chose who you prefer to buy from. The x wing we got stiil seems to be doing its thing. Good luck, and hope you find what you are looking for.
According to UPS the two I ordered have been delivered.
Did you get two tracking numbers or one? I have been worrying because I ordered 2 but only got 1 tracking number. I should know in a day or two whether they shipped me two in one box or only sent one.
One tracking number as I ordered them both together. The box contained 2 within. Side note which technically has nothing to do with MassDrop, UPS managed to deliver them to our neighbor instead of our house. A real comedy of errors here it seems.
Hey all. I got an e-mail at 6:17 Minnesota time that my X-Wing had shipped. Expected delivery date is 1/10/2018 by the end of day. It seems like the levee is breaking on the delay. I hope y'all get your orders most rikky tik
Hi everyone! I received an email on Monday, January 7th, that my item is shipped and is scheduled to deliver by this Friday.

Same as Yarsmang, conflicting messages and now tracking as shipped. I’m newer to Massdrop. Is this typical?
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Thank you. Good info.
I think massdrop is new in general and may need to work out some logistics kinks.
Crazy experience folks. Today i got the email from massdrop that there will be an additional delay. I contact CS to get my options. NOW? I get an email with tracking info... they shipped! What the hell?!
Just received an email that says: "Due to an unexpected delay in acquiring the inventory for this drop, the Propel Star Wars Quadcopters are due to ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know. If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment." So it might be canceled too. Hope Massdrop appreciates the free loan of my money.
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I just received the shipping notification with end of next week delivery. Shows as shipped from Miami, FL. Massdrop really needs to coordinate these things better.
Same for me but mine is the tie advanced
I got an answer from a Judi H. gave me a ups tracking number,she said that the vendor said they shipped on Jan. 2 ,i checked the tracking number with ups,they told me a label was created on 12/26 2018,they said they do not even have the package yet,i am getting fed up with this.
I have had label created on 12/26 but never anyone saying anything shipped on Jan 2.
I don't understand why others are not getting customer service responses. Camila E. at has responded quickly to every question I have had.
Got an email saying they should ship by the middle of next week.
Worst part of this is that I found these at other sites online for the same price and COULD have had them in time for Christmas. Jan 4th and still no shipping date. I give it to the 10th then Paypal complaint.
See if I order from here again..... Screw them....
Jan. the 3rd,still no ship date,may be talking to paypal soon.
Placed my order on 12/18. I was charged on 12/19. No reply to inquiries.
What's going on with my order? Payed for on 12/18/2018 and still nothing.... this is BS
Same here.
My page says it will be shipped out Dec 27th, but there’s no notification that happened. Money was collected Dec 19th and I’ve been checking my email daily with no tracking or status.
I emailed support, and this is the response: "The estimated ship date is just an estimate. While we strive to meet this date, we are sometimes off by a day or two. I don't see any indication that this drop will be significantly delayed. Your order should be shipping out soon. When it does, our logistics team will send out an email with tracking information. Please be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for this email or other drop updates." I jumped on this deal after Sphero R2-D2+force band deal went sour. Sphero did exactly this so far and eventually said I wouldn't get the full package.. Having experienced that, this is beginning to worry me...
As long as we get a full refund..... I took the chance understanding how Massdrop intends to function between us the consumer and the actual manufacturer. Massdrop is trying to bargain for us as the "middle man".