Punchy KB68 Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard Kitsearch

Punchy KB68 Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Punchy KB68 Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Compact, Programmable & Customizable

Mechanical keyboard kits are fun to assemble and highly customizable. The Punchy KB68 is one of the few Bluetooth-compatible mechanical keyboard kits. Done in the ever-popular 68-key layout, it’s small enough for most any desk, but doesn’t skimp on essential keys. Featuring a fully programmable layout and bright RGB LEDs, it gives you free reign over key commands and aesthetics. The case, available in four colors, is made from a thick chunk of anodized aluminum. With support for both Bluetooth and USB-C connections, the Punchy KB68 is versatile. It houses a 4000mAh internal battery for lengthy wireless battery times.

Note: At checkout, choose a black, blue, coffee, or gray case. Keycaps are not included for this drop.

Layout Details


  • Punchy KB68
  • 68 keys
  • 6063 anodized aluminum
  • Supports USB type-C and Bluetooth connection 
  • Fully programmable PCB with RGB LEDs
  • Keyboard driver software for programming and RGB lighting
  • 1000Hz USB reporting rate
  • 6.25u or 7u spacebar layout
  • Built in 4,000mAh battery


  • Case
  • Punchy 68 PCB
  • 4,000mAh battery
  • Stabilizer set
  • USB type-C cable
  • 4 indicator LEDs
  • Anodized aluminum feet
  • Special receiver (For Win XP and 7)
  • Driver and user manual

Switches are not included.


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Estimated ship date is Apr 23, 2019 PT.

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