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It appears these shorts have a back pocket (image 4), but is not mentioned in the overview. Do all styles have a pocket? Does the pocket have a button/zip/velcro closure?
Hi! Yes, there is a back pocket with velcro closure. Page is now updated.
U.S. customers might find this conversion chart (from a different brand) helpful for translating the waist sizes: https://www.soliver.eu/sizetables/size-table-men-GENERAL_SIZETABLE_MEN.html
Here's a gallery showing most of these shorts on models, if anyone else is interested: http://us.fashionnetwork.com/galeries/photos/Punto-Blanco,30067.html
What is the difference between the different cuts/shorts ("the Mini Short, the Naughty Short, the Scoundrel Short, or the Unruly Short")? And which category is the sailboat short that is pictured (the only one not labeled)? Have been struggling to find swim shorts with the cut I would like, wondering how these compare in inseam etc.

It is also unclear to me what the numbers that appear next to each option mean, like 105, or the meaning of the word "Marino" in this context.

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I'd say the Mini shorts are the slimmer/shorter ones. Followed by the Unruly/Sail Boats, Naughty, and Scoundrel.
Thanks a lot for all the info. I actually have one more question: is the two-tone naughty short in this drop the "naughty mini" short from the punto blanco website? https://www.puntoblanco.com/aquawear-swimwear/naughty-mini-short They distinguish between "naughty mini" and "naughty" shorts, and I was wondering which this is. The number codes (105) aren't shown on their website.

I found this gallery of Punto Blanco's 2018 swimwear collection, which shows most of the patterns in this drop--the two-tone looks like a different cut than the geometric naughty short http://us.fashionnetwork.com/galeries/photos/Punto-Blanco,30067.html

Looking forward to this drop! Just fiiguring out which one to get :D
Doesn't "Punto" mean "Pussy" or "Bitch" in Spanish? As well as "Blanco" meaning "White"... Wouldn't this literally translate to "Bitch White" in English? Or "White Bitch" if you wanted to get creative? Yeah, no thanks.. Not wearing shorts that literally call me a "White Bitch".. Whoever made this brand is probably laughing there asses off at people actually buying their product assuming my translations are correct.

EDIT: I was thinking of the word "Punta" with an A. I was mistaken! Carry on everyone!
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Sorry for the mistake. I was thinking of the word using an A on the end instead of an O. The Mexican population in my area of the U.S. uses "Punta" as a slang term for "Bitch/Pussy" depending on how they pronounce it, it's hard to tell the difference between "Punto" and "Punta" which was the source of my confusion. Sorry guys!
Punto = Point
Puta = Bitch
Do these have a lining?
Yes, they all have a lining.
We'll add that to the main page in just a second.
What is the inseam on the shorts?
Mini Shorts
Naughty Short - Sail Boats - 105 - Marino
Naughty Short - Two Tone - 105 - Marino
Mini Short - Out Going - 198 - Azul
Scoundrel Short - 351 - Verde 44-S 9.5 cm (3.75 inch)
48-M 10 cm (4 inch)
52-L 10.5 cm (4.15 inch)
56-XL 11 cm (4.33 inch) —————— Shorts
Unruly Short - 330 - Verde
Unruly Short - 036 - Rojo
Unruly Short - 100 - Marino
Naughty Short - 105 - Marino
Naughty Short - Geometric Print - 105 - Marino 44-S 11.5 cm (4.5 inch)
48-M 12 cm (4.75 inch)
52-L 12.5 cm (5 inch)
56-XL 13 cm (5.10 inch) ——————
We'll be adding this info to the main page shortly
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