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QWERkeys Cherry MX Switch Tester

QWERkeys Cherry MX Switch Tester

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Anyone get their clears?
tis back in stock!
Received mine just now. Haven't assembled yet, but all parts seem to be present. The plate is somewhat scratched (both sides), but the metal is textured by itself, so it's not a big deal.

Edit: also noticed both legs are broken off on two of the switches, and one's missing on another one. Again, they are not required to be there for this product, so no biggie, but yeah, next time I suggest you use more safe packaging.
Got my package today. It was a big hole in both the packaging and the clear plastic bag the components for the tester was in. Only got 2 screws, and 3 legs.......the back of the plate was really scratched aswell. You seriously need to sort out how you package these.
I feel like the issues with damaged packages is probably to do with the various shipping standards in different countries. Where envelope post is handled with letters or on its own there should be no issues, and the package should arrive in good condition (as mine did yesterday). However, the packaging just won't hold up if an item like this is handled with boxes at any point in the shipping. For a lot of places, this would likely only occur in customs or preliminary sorting, but even then it's enough for the package to arrive damaged.

It's unfortunate that people have been having trouble, and hopefully we'll see QWER making an effort to change their packaging procedures when shipping internationally in the future.
Sorry to hear your QWER tester arrived damaged! Get in touch with Massdrop and they should be able to sort you out. If not, drop me an email on our site and I'll get you a replacement sorted.
I received my package today! Everything looks intact and present - except the clear switch I mailed QWERKeys about receiving (their offer of adding it to the drop if you notify them).

When will this be sent?
I'm in Denmark, EU by the way for those wondering what the shipping times are.
Haven't received the Clears yet, but when I do you will be notified!
What's the status on the clears? 40 days wait on a product seems a bit much, even for clears. Are you getting them direct from CherryCorp, or from a third party?
Grabbing one ASAP! Need to get me a Mech Keyboard!
Got my tester as well. The back of the metal plate is scratched, but I don't really mind as it's unseen. However, the tester is a bit shaky when I place it on table...

Btw, will there be a 8-key tester? Eager to get one as well.
Is the plate flat? Try taking the feet off and placing it in a table or something, could be a chance it got bent during transit. Might have a spare one if MD don't.
Have unscrewed to check: the plate is slightly bent. Manage to bend it the other way and now it's standing great! Thanks for offering to send a replacement, but it's okay now. :)

Btw, is an 8-key selling soon? Worried I am not fast enough to get one for myself :P
Got my tester, back of metal plate was severely scratched/cracked. All parts present.
Shoot us an email at support@massdrop.com, we'll hook you up with a replacement.
Update: Did some soldering to make it more useful: https://plus.google.com/106976163883228641472/posts/BrajtU2NH1g
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Very cool! Pics of the underside?
Better not, I did some horrible soldering there ;-)
Got my package in Germany today. No trip to customs necessary. Thanks!
Got mine today too. Also thought I was missing a bolt, turns out it was stuck inside one of the keys.

Finally get to try out all the different keys, still can't decide which one I like most :(