SainSmart Rechargeable Stainless Steel Screwdriversearch

SainSmart Rechargeable Stainless Steel Screwdriver

SainSmart Rechargeable Stainless Steel Screwdriver

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For those of you comfortable with ordering from the Far East, Banggood has this (ES121 model) on a "flash sale" for US$86 with free shipping. Sale lasts another 2 days.

You can choose between Chrome and Stainless finishes (I think MD is only offering stainless), and I haven't compared the included bits.
A review of the ES121:
Is this the newest version?
the newest version is ES121,its price is $109.99
Nice vape lol
I have the older version of the tool, the ES121 with a slightly lower torque motor, but otherwise entirely the same.

If you do a lot of work with electronics and this thing is AMAZING. The build quality of the tool itself is high, and it has worked consistently with not a single bug or issue in the ~1 year I've owned it. It makes building drones a breeze, and lowers overall build fatigue by a lot.

High build quality, solid in the hand
Long battery life.
Extremely intuitive on how it works
Just freaking works, consistently!

Button placement is too high, it's ergonomics could be better with the button placed further down the shaft of the tool as if you were naturally gripping a screwdriver
Even with MD pricing, it's still pretty expensive.
It's thicker than a standard screwdriver, you might need to run an extension to get into tight spots or deep screw holes.
I noticed an ever so slight wobble in the drive shaft, meaning it's not perfectly straight (Doesn't really affect usability, but it's not a cheap tool, for the price you pay it certainly should be straight)

All that said, I would not hesitate to buy one of these again, or even upgrade my ES121 to the ES120. It's such a simple little tool, but if you do a lot of work on small electronics it's irreplaceable and will save you more time than you thought possible.
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The one month statement was an estimation. It's very possible it's been out longer than that, but you can clearly see on websites like gearbest and AliExpress that the ES120 typically has had it's price dropped to around 90 dollars, while ES121s are around 110-120 dollars.
I came here to say the same thing. I love my ES120, it's super handy when you have a lot of screws that aren't super tight.

It's pretty good for laptops. I use mine on my 3dprinter.
This is a very useful tool, I don't regret it one bit. Bought it from Amazon @ 120 - but came with 16 bits then.

When comparing prices, pay close attention to the bits included in the sets you're comparing it to. At the time I also was considering Banggood, etc. but basically they come out the same (excluding shipping costs) because the more bits that are included, the more expensive they tend to be.

I wouldn't worry about it - this thing is VERY WELL BUILT so it's something you won't regret having

If they replaced three of those screws with LEDs I'd buy one...
Hey MD, why are you guys always getting these screwdrivers and soldering irons from distributors like SEEED and SainSmart, when they are designed and manufactured by the same Chinese company selling on Banggood for their original, lower price?
Does anyone know the average shipping time for ChinaPost? Is it being shipped by air or by boat?
Boat, and my experience is two weeks
Just wondering if there is a particular reason that the shipping is ONLY locked to the United States again, particularly when the original vendor ships worldwide ?!
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Many Thanks for your quick reply and your clear explanation Brian . Personally I was always under the impression that a vendor will likely always look to reach a bigger group to move as much of their products as they possibly could, I guess there are always an exception. I just wish I could understand SainSmart logic Knowing that Massdrop can and have consistently reach a much bigger buying group than any single vendor could entirely on their own.
Realize this is old, and note that I don't have any special knowledge of Sainsmart or this drop. But generally vendors do this for two reasons: pricing and reseller agreements. My guess is this is probably due to an agreement, and they only have rights to resell in the US.

Less likely is geo-gating. Books, DVDs, software, etc. are all heavily carved up geographically with different pricing in different regions. Screwdrivers usually don't get this treatment, but who knows - some greedy watch company tried it a while back.
The biggest question I have is how loud is it? I work in IT and am pulling laptops and other components apart quite often, but I also work closely with other office personnel who dont appreciate drill noises throughout the day.
it's not loud at all.. a small buzzing is all you hear. I love mine.
I'm just wondering why the bit sets are not option addons. According to this video, it should have optional bits sets.
I find this