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MTG: Relic Tokens Eternal Collection Booster Box

MTG: Relic Tokens Eternal Collection Booster Box

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this is cheaper on amazon
Wow... this isn't even close to a good deal... literally check anywhere else.
I bought a few of these on an impulse just to check them out. Got a few good tokens, I mean good as in something I would consider using. Like the Zombie token in case I have 13 zombies keep track of on the field. But in reality I have never used these tokens in a game. Dice or actual token cards are much better for creatures, and life totals are more reliable when written down, tracked with an app, or marked with a Spindown counter.

Too bulky to fit in a deck box. Too sensitive to rely on since the slightest touch changes the numbers. Fragile plastic that will deteriorate if thrown in a bag. Too many junk tokens for cards rarely/never used. Some very strange choices in general, such as the inclusion of only two Planeswalkers and multiple tokens for specifically one creature. Art style between tokens do not match since the art for each token comes from vastly different sets instead of one set. Is this for standard? Modern? Commander? The choices they made says that these Relic Tokens are made for none of these. For nobody. They just made them because they can with no players in mind.

Do not buy this.
Why not slivers??????
or elemantals?
I have to admit, this product screams of cynicism. Like some exec just thought: “Those idiots will spend money on anything. Like tokens? They’re not even a card they can play with in the game and there’s a secondary market for them. Someone call up HASBRO! I have an idea...”
It's sad, because the underlying idea isn't terrible. A token with a built-in counter would be pretty neat for decks that produce large numbers of tokens. Tracking quantity with dice is cumbersome, as is carrying around, say, individual Kobold tokens for Prossh, when you routinely need 10+ on the table at a time.

The execution, though, is laughable, and some of these - Nicol Bolas, Gideon, Tarmogoyf - aren't even creature tokens at all. Who honestly needs those?
Why in the name of god would tokens need to be randomized other than greed? This is silly. I would certainly buy multiples for my decks if you could just buy the ones you need...but there are literally DOZENS of possible tokens needed for most decks that generate them...I'm voting with my wallet on this one.
I can't believe they would introduce an element of randomness for token counters. And at a high price point. No way are the counters in this box worth $83 total. These feel like a sad cash grab for something that isn't worth much. Probably why they are "Limited Edition" as well. "We'll never reproduce them because we found out they are garbage and no one would buy them. So now they are collector's items!"

Seriously, why a booster box of them? You can't draft counters. This whole thing feels like a mistake Ultra Pro has been able to spin into a scam. If you truly want these counters, I would do what others say and buy them individually. God knows you'll see them all over eBay soon when people realize they aren't going to go up in value and aren't actually useful as counters because everyone has to pick it up to read it.
Wtf even is this?? This is exists? Why? And why the hell is it soooo expensive? Rearry?
It’s like they took your normal tokens (which are already completely superfluous although nice to have) and added CLIX(TM) to them. Isn’t that FUN?!
Could the price on these get lower? I see boxes for $75 on some places, really not worth buying here right now.
I don't understand why these are so expensive. They're just plastic tokens with a built in counter.
The famous monster targomoye...
If it wasn't for once again having to play the odds for a token you want, this may be cool. Never mind the quality issues these have at times. Paying almost as much for a booster pack at MSRP its... not worth much at all to me.

Can always buy them individually too.
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