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What if somebody snatches it ?
If there was someone dubious at your door, maybe leaving a $100 electronic out in the open for them that is barely connected is more of an offering? Like a sacrificial lamb except this one probably has a raspberry pi type board inside and an 720p camera built in. I mean aside from it being a cloud subscription trap. Also if the company went under it would be a brick...

Microsoft would brand these things as features: NEW FEATURE sacrificial electronic function! NEW FEATURE everything is cloud tethered which we have called "RemoBell's longevity protection". At a low price of $150 then $279 annually you too can support this company so they can produce two and a half star products like this (as rated by PCMAG). BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! The device comes with a low resolution camera so that anything captured by it would be inadmissible in court and the microphone is notably trash. And don't forget about the lack of IFTTT support.

You:"Alexa, show me video for the front door?"
Alexa: "Nahhhhhh"

But there is an accept or decline gui, surely that means it works with door locks... narp.

I predict this to be a literal brick within 2 years. Take that burglars! The sanity trap has been set and it's name be RemoBell/planned obsolescence!
Will this be delivered before Christmas?
No it won't, description has estimated ship date as Jan 2, 2018.
"And with the cloud, you can access all videos within the last 30 days from your phone." What is the cloud storage subscription cost per month?
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Thanks. Cost of ownership is an important consideration, and since there is no spec stated for internal storage or storage expansion (e.g., via micro SD card), I have to assume that the cloud account is a requirement for full functionality. This is probably the same with Nest, Ring and the others.
Absolutely. There is no mention of using personal storage in the technical specs or quick start guide so I'd assume it is not an option. They just mention that Cloud storage is optional. Real-time events and logs are still available through your profile. It's a hard pass for me on this one.
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