REP Gaming - MTG-1 Collectible Card Carrying Casesearch

REP Gaming - MTG-1 Collectible Card Carrying Case

REP Gaming - MTG-1 Collectible Card Carrying Case

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How well does this hold up to rain?
Hey MassDrop why don't you take your secret cameras and voice recorders out of my house because I started looking to buy a new case for my expanded cube. /sarcasm

Jokes aside great box to pick up and I'm glad you guys gave an option to get more wood separators.
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What size cube?
450 cards plus 500 basic lands. I have 2 dragon shield boxes as in the picture above with 3 open slots remaining.
Hi Dan, not sure if you're still around here. Do you guys have any plans to make a half-sized case? A 450-sized cube + 200 basics + space for tokens and dice would fit perfectly double-sleeved into a case half the size of this one. Alternately, if your process can be modified to make custom-sized cases, that would be awesome! I'd happily pay the full price (i.e. the price here or on your website) to get a smaller case that fits my cube. Just a thought. Thanks for offering your great products!
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Thanks Dan. A 2-row affair that holds ~800 double-sleeved cards would be perfect for me, and hopefully others as well! Kinda like the Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest, but smaller. The Game Chest holds over 1000 double sleeved cards (100+300+100+550 in the four compartments).

(Tolarian review link:
Hey Dan! A little bit late to this, but I'd love to have two half-size boxes to divide my Netrunner collection between Corp and Runner cards.
What are the " 5 pack of aluminum sideboard dividers" exactly? It isn't explained in the description or in the demo video.
They are our standard sideboard dividers we sell for our deck boxes. They are made of aluminum and powder coated. You get a 5 pack, which is one in each of the following colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green and white. Here is a link to our website showing them if you would like to see them:
My partner has had $200 worth of cards damaged severely by the REP gaming case when the cards slouch over in the rows and then get pinched closing the case.
If you are going to use it with decks not in individual boxes you will want to jam something stiff in the ends of the rows to keep cards out of the pinch zone.
or just pay attention to what you are doing when you close the lid.
I agree with this sentiment. Several things could be done to improve the cards slouching over the edge. I haven't damaged any cards yet, but I have to be very careful every time I close the lid. Also, it would be nice to have a version with cards being stored front to back. It's awkward looking at cards when contending with the lid.
the delivery to IE is way too expensive :(
When can we realistically expect these to ship?

Will this fit Marvel Legendary?
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Hey I know this is off topic, bit I was apart of the last drop and I made the mistake of asking for the handle to be on the top and not on the side. Is there anyway I could have it changed? I've talked to mass drop support but they were unable to help me.
Shoot me an email:
So now you can be just like Seto Kaiba, with your suitcase full of cards!
Does anyone know if these will fit in this case?
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2 7/8 in x 4 in x 2 7/8 in

I just measured it. How thick are the slats?
Unfortunately that deck box is 1/8" to wide to fit between the slats.. Sorry for the bad news. :(