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RetroPie Raspberry Pi 3 Game Station Bundle Kit

RetroPie Raspberry Pi 3 Game Station Bundle Kit

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Pi 3B+, power supply, case, SD card and controllers would easily be cheaper separate and with an extra clock boost and built in wifi. Still haven't seen a true decent Pi deal since other places have them so low in cost.
I have this kit. It's a bit sparse on instructions but pretty easy to get up and running. The sd card absolutely sucks, so I had to use a spare I had laying around. For playing retro console games in their native 4:3 aspect ratio on this screen you need to change the settings in retropie to a screen resolution of 1280x800 which is a custom setting. Overall a fun kit and a nice screen but the controllers are pretty junky and like I said the sd card is trash. Like most people said probably better off sourcing the components yourself.
More expensive than the parts X(
Also, I have that case. It's pretty CRAP.
Pi 3: $35
Case: literally $3
Generic Screen: ~$25-$45
Two knockoff SNES controllers: $10
SD Card?: $15

Total Price: ~$110
Pretty sure this is more expensive then separate/better components..
Is there any info on the screen itself? As in a model number or manufacturer?
I want to join the bus drop but no shipping to New Zealand ... come on, please allow shipping.
The display should be 4:3 for a proper retro station
Mine came with a bad micro SD, image took 18 hours to write and crashed on boot, I purchased a new class 10 sd card and image wrote in 7 minutes. I ran a scan on the card it showed 87% bad sectors. I wouldn't recommend buying this kit, spend a couple bucks extra and get a kit on Amazon and the other parts separate.
I agree, my SD card did not last the first write and second boot after patching the OS. There are better kits on amazon with a similar price.
What is the third heat sink for?
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for audio, i just used headphones via the audio jack, but any wired computer speakers will work

i mounted it to the back of the screen at first, but it was kind of a mess of wires coming out in all directions, so i removed it from the screen & put it in the black case -- if you're asking how to mount it to the screen, i just went by the photo in the slideshow; no case, and the pi screwed in two corners into those spacers:
Thanks. I couldn't get the screws through the Pi's board. I can see how that is more of a mess though. I finally managed to get everything up and running with ROMs etc. You have been a big help.
Got mine today, it says a tutorial is included but there is only a safety guide and quick start guide for the raspberry pi.
Got mine in today. No notice. Just randomly showed up. Glad to have it, will see how the kit works. There does not appear to be a case in the box nor an instruction manual as to how to connect the screen and RBP. Additionally the screen came partly assembled, but instead of being in a black plastic case as shown, it appears to have a wood-like color with writing on it—does not appear to come off. (EDIT: It does! Just wasn't easy.) No remote for the screen either.

Everything else is there, though.
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The Brown is just a protective film. Difficult to remove but it comes off.
Yeah, I got it off (see thread).
Anyone have any ideas for cabinet/case/enclosure to put the screen and pi all into one nice little thing?
What is the power source for the screen?

Would it be possible to run both the Rasp Pi and the screen from a battery bank (2amp, 5v output).

Good question. I can see a little power plug on the control board for the screen. But it seems odd there is no mention of a power brick for the screen.

My guess is that that there is a 5v power in for the screen, and it powers both the screen and PI from the same source. But it would be nice to have confirmation.
Thanks for your response.

I hope we can get clarification on this!