RGB LED Wi-Fi Bulb for Alexa & Googlesearch

RGB LED Wi-Fi Bulb for Alexa & Google

RGB LED Wi-Fi Bulb for Alexa & Google

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Terrible product, bulb flashes incontrollably. Would like refund.
wifi supports alexa and google
Can these be controlled with Google assistant? Or only Google home?
can be controlled by google assistant as well
any comment of the last shipment batch
....just get the hue system....this is flat out stupid...
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What you're paying for isn't necessairly the name brand or that the bulbs themselves are "better", its that Hue is a more complete ecosystem and a better experience. The app is fleshed out with a lot more than just changing the color since they're the flagship "smart lighting" brand, they're going to be getting integration with games and movies, it also works with the Logitech Harmony Hub, and I honestly have yet to see an off-brand bulb with as good of a software experience.

I agree with you that Hue is more expensive, but if the things I mentioned are important to you then its definitely the better value. If you don't care though, definitely save the money with the Xiaomi/other options.
But those benefits only apply if you use/have/integrate with the other Hue products which MD isn't offering. As a stand alone product, which is all that is on offer here, this is not worth the money.

This is worth your time if you already have a Hue system.
This drop is VERY vague on information. Kind of a shame that Massdrop would allow something as unbranded and sketchy like this.
This used to sell for around $17 on gearbest, with a few reviews I've found quoting that price or lower:

I've just ordered a couple of similar ones from Xiaomi, currently $18 (I got 2 for $28 in a sale last week):

Both are 9W, 16M colours. The Xiaomi has similar integration, using IFTTT and an open API, though it does lack Bluetooth functionality.

Free shipping could take longer from China, but knowing massdrop, it may not make a difference!

Just a heads up for anyone looking for a cheaper option
Where are the technical specs? for example how bright it is?
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I agree, should be at least 1k lumen
1k lumen should be the different size
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