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A very nice looking knife but a bit too expensive for Chinese made, particularly when you have a Benchmade USA made integral for the same price
I bet this has a nicer action than the Anthem.
And thickness of blade...
Written in the specs...
Sorry meant I like to see photos showing thickness of blade...
I actually was going to cancel this knife because of the delay. I intended on purchasing the Thor 1 for a retiring employee as a departing gift. MassDrop was accomadting and told me to refuse it when it had arrived.

When it arrived today, I couldn't resist opening the package. Good looking knife considering it has tango blade, which I had forgot that it had the Tanto blade or wouldn't have opened it. Anyway, knife seem to be a decent knife, it is big and a little over priced for a production knife that seems to be everywhere now a day. Since I opened it, I wouldn't have minded so much to keep in my collection if it was not so oversold.

My **REAL** serious complaint is when opening the package I got a instantaneous distinct moldy scent. Upon inspection it seems to be coming mostly from the pouch but has adhered itself to the knife, wow it is horrible and I generally can't smell at all. I stepped in dog shit last week and didn't know it until my wife told me I walked all over the house with it on my shoes and didn't even realize it. We had to have the carpets cleaned.

I am curious if anybody else has smelt this horrendous moldy smell. I can't be the only person and would think the whole batch would have the smell. Please respond if you are smelling the mold as I am.
Wipe it down with mineral oil and see how it goes, alternately let's trade, I'd love another Rike (I have the ZD-006) but I'm cash-poor, knife-rich lol
Thank you for the offer, however, I returned it to MassDrop. I couldn't take the smell.

I know the feeling of being knife and firearm rich and cash poor. I sold my BenchMade last Friday on Amazon and a few others in the past few months. I just moved to Florida two weeks ago and left all my non-compliant MA firearms with a friend to sell for me at top dollar because they are on a banned list in MA. I can replace them here in Florida were they are not on the MA AG do not sell list. I also own many BenchMade, Lion Steel and a couple SpyderCo, not a huge fan of SpyderCo although I love my Rubicon. I own a couple Steeve Reeve's and then 2 Damascus bladed knifes. I purchased my first Zero Tolerance 0770CFCM4 at the end of last year and it instantly became my EDC. Love the lightness, blade retention and how nice and thin it sits in my pocket.

Very very nice knife. Would love to see more knives with the same steel on MD.
I own a Thor2 and Thor4, I highly recommend both. Rike are great in my books
Lucky you!!!!
For anybody getting the sighs over this, but cramps on the price - I have 2 suggestions. Rike makes knives not sold in the US which can be purchased through DHGate, Alibaba, Fastech and Gearbest. The first one is called the Rike 1701, with the same CF scales and finish you see here. It's a larger version of their 1504s, and is NOT an integral. It's around $170 at DH and Ali.

The second is sold as the Thor 3BS I believe, but is known for US import as the HX Outdoors ZD-006. (the ZD-005 is a Lionsteel T.R.E.) These can be had for about $130 and even less at FT and GB. Like the 1701, it's not an integral, but a heck of a lot of knife for the money. Integrals are fantastic, and I believe we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Rike builds great stuff. Below are reviews, and a direct comparison. There are many more on youtube - but most are Russian!

The Thor 1 is an amazing knife, and worth the price for a flawless integral. Fit and finish is beyond reproach.
The photos don't do the knife justice.
So would this knife ever drop again because I want it but I don't really want the tanto and if it drops again I don't know if I could stop myself.
It's up!
I saw that it's up but I can't spend anymore right now. Sucks I guess I'll wait untill it's back.
genuine question, not making fun, why is it so expensive?
Because machining one solid bar of titanium to make a handle is expensive. Lots of lost metal and high tolerances required. Also very premium steel. And then milling pockets for carbon fiber.
Wow a little to pricey for my knife taste (and uses) but I do dig that blade.