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Rike Knife Thor 1-CF Integral Frame Lock Folder

Rike Knife Thor 1-CF Integral Frame Lock Folder

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At this price point there’s too many other options out there to take the risk. I’d rather take any chris reeve knife
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With all due respect, I don't think you even read my post and this is not even my thread, but in any event it all comes down to value, not nationalism. The price for this knife does not hold its value at this point. I can buy this knife for $420, and if I don't like it and even if I keep it in pristine condition, I would be lucky to sell it for $300, and probably closer to $200. Certain brands of American made knives have value for their price point. Chris reeve knives hold their value very well. You can use a Chris Reeve knife for years and as long as you don't damage it, can sell it for about the same price as you bought it, particularly if it has a unique design etching. I have many chinese made knives, including a Rike Hummingbird, and for the most part they are very well constructed and made of premium materials. I buy all of the Ferrum forge knives from We and they are great and are appropriately priced at about $130. That's a great deal and quality. Also, if you want to sell it you can get around the same price for it and not lose your shirt. If this knife sold for $250 to $275 it would be a great value. But at $420 it is not. If it gets discounted to the $250 range I will be the first one in line to buy it.
I agree, the price on this knife is almost entirely based on the idea that integrals are new and deserve to be marked way the hell up. I'm just disappointed when people use country of origin as a point in favor or against buying a knife. Perhaps you weren't doing this to the extent that some do, but every time I see it, I feel obligated to point out that it's a fallacious argument.

And yes, Chris Reeve's knives tend to hold their value, I've had a bitch of a time finding a reasonably priced Ti-lock.
I got this on the last drop and I loved this knife... for about a day. That was until I noticed it had slight lock rock, meaning I can move the blade back and forth slightly in the open position and it would make a little clicking noise.

So, instead of sending back to Massdrop, which I should have done, I sent an email to Rike support. I sent photos and a video I took of the lock rock problem. They were really kind and were really helpful. Rike support said that they lock tension just needed to be adjusted and asked if I could send the knife to them. Sure, I thought. But, and this is a big one, I had to send it back to China... to the tune of $35.

Well, I sent it, with tracking and everything. It made it all the way to China, however, as of August 2nd, the tracking has been off the grid. I got an email this week from Rike support saying they think the knife is being returned to me due to delivery problems and to email them once I have it back. They said they will figure something out from there, which I will give them the chance to do so, but I will probably contact massdrop support at that time and just get a refund (if they will do it).

This all hinges on if I get it back from China... Who knows at this point.

All this is a shame because the knife is great, the inlays are awesome, and the price here was great. I love the Chinese knife manufacturers these days, but seems like Reate and WE have better US-based support. So, if you end up buying this, make sure you deal with Massdrop and not the manufacturer.
I get that integrals are a new thing, and they're not super easy to manufacture, but a 100% mark-up is nuts. Also the aesthetics of this blade are strange. Weird thumb divot, weirdly placed fuller, multi-facet swedge....
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I think they are pricing these integrals like something new and innovative so they can put a premium on them. Not just Rike, but other companies as well acting like this new technology is so much better so it should be priced at a premium. In reality, there are no real advantages to integral construction other than it looks cool and is new. Cool and new is great, but it does not support the price point.
Agreed. In six months other companies will jump in and make more, the price will come down, and then buying integrals will be on par to buying a slightly more expensive ti framelock.
The other Rike knife selling now on Massdrop is $199, same materials, CF inlay and titanium and M390 blade. No reason this knife should sell for anywhere close to $419, maybe a little more than $200, but definitely not at this price. It just doesn't cost that much to make, and Rike has proven this with their other listing. These also have limited resale value, so I just don't see the value here at this price.
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Nah, I like Omniseed, he doesn't imply I'm in the pocket of Chinese knife manufacturers. By past posts, I mean the rest of the stuff you've said on other drops.
Never said I could sell my anthem for more than MAP. Why the need to lie? Not here to antagonize anyone and this was never directed to you at all. You interceded in an interesting debate and started calling people names like a 5 year old. All I know is that this is the lowest price I have ever seen for this knife from a retailer of any kind, and the number sold is ZERO with a total of 19 sold over the last 3 or 4 drops. That sir, means this knife is overpriced.
How do we know MassDrop is going to send out the knife that they are advertising on here? I was just duped by MassDrop on the last order, not sending the product which they listed. How can you and I be sure this isn't going to happen again?
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Well I emailed MassDrop about the problem and was totally ignored. Maybe they will see these complaints and finally address it.
I've also heard they don't reply on weekends I believe. I'm sure it's gonna take then a day or two to figure out how to handle that one.... But don't want to start a whole new conversation about that here.

If you're interested in this knife I'd be confident you'll get the one you see. I doubt Rike has changed the model
I would love to get a Rike or WE, but sadly they dont make their knives lefty friendly
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None of their nicer knives have a reversable clip. i can use a frame lock fine with my left hand, but i dont want to have to switch hands after putting it out of my pocket
The massdrop Gavko/ Ferrum Forge collaboration will have a lefty version. 🖖
A very nice looking knife but a bit too expensive for Chinese made, particularly when you have a Benchmade USA made integral for the same price
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Too expensive period, regardless of the country of origin ... for that kind of money, I want to sit next to the maker as he (or she) is custom making and assembling my knife, to my specs ! :-)
Oh, then you should never look at what an actual custom knife costs, let alone the time and effort that goes into making them.
And thickness of blade...
Written in the specs...
Sorry meant I like to see photos showing thickness of blade...