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Roccat Sova Mechanical Lapboard & Aimo RGB Mouse

Roccat Sova Mechanical Lapboard & Aimo RGB Mouse

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i bought one of these on amazon. i would heavily recommend corsair lap board thing over the sova. its much much better. the sova is serviceable. corsairs is just muuuch better in every way that matters.
FYI: having owned both get the Corsair k63 wireless lapboard over this. Same price and is at least 1000 times better!
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Depends on what you want. I bought this over the K63 because I like wired better, the keyboard doesn't come out allowing for very quick and easy movement to and from the couch, this has brown switches (from what I have read) and it has great cord management for my mouse. Plus, I actually like the design better. I will likely write a review when I get it. Especially if it sucks.
SOVA has TTC browns which they claim are "comparable" but I found them to be pretty unsatisfying when compared with true cherry switches, also the K63's keyboard doesn't fall out when you when you move it around, it's secured with two latches. I hope you like the SOVA, but having owned both, the sova feels cheap and poorly thought out, especially at the price.
It's on Amazon for the mechanical version for $133 and change.
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My comment was from 7 weeks ago. Prices obviously change on Amazon.
Sorry did not see date.
I got this in today. It looks and feels great. Is there any way to change the LED lighting without having to download their bloatware, SWARM?

Also, here's their website for 3D printed accessories to add extras to your SOVA:
I will have to say that this is a great freaking deal. I bought the Roccat Sova last fall, sadly not here but for the same price. The keyboard alone is fantastic, operates well, comfortable for the most part (wrist rest could have been padded, just saying) and rest well on your lap. This purchase was mainly for my lady who likes to game on her comfy couch in the front of the big screen. I can't speak for the mice since I have never used one but if it is like their keyboard, it should be great, reviews back up quality of the mouse as well. In any case, if your looking to buy a good keyboard for the couch, this is the one to get and you can still use it at a desk or a couch. This is one of the best or the best lapboards on the market.

NOTE: The mouse in the title is not included with the lapboard. It is a separate add on for $59 at check out. They should rephrase the title a bit.
This looks intriguing! Nice design.
Make a left hand edition of Sova and I happily will pay twice the right hand edition.
then you might want to consider this, its bulkier but has cushion to accodamte this design

the position on it isn't fixed like this lapboards so you should be able to enjoy this
Any updates? It's a week past the estimated ship date of December 20th.
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I received an email this week from MD that the product was on backorder per the manufacturer; how this is not known by MD before the drop goes live just blows my mind. I was given a full refund and a $10 credit that expires in a year. This has happened to me on another drop as well, except MD still charged me and I had to ask for the full refund after I saw my credit card statement. I give this website too much business.
This is exactly what happened on the Outer Spacebars drop for me.
If MiTo didn't drop his GMK Laser through here I'd have been gone already, too much shady stuff going on.

About Laser:
In the last few hours before the drop ended something went wrong with the ordering system. The price drop was calculated and instead of only charging the new price, they refunded what you originally locked in for, cancelled your order and then gave you a notice to pay the new price. If you didn't in the few hours they gave you, you were out. That screwed a lot of people over.
Does this work with PlayStation?
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It sounds a really good budget way to go! Thank you again!
yes, but only for games that support keyboard and mouse. unless you have xim4
I've been using the mechanical sova for almost a year now. I did get it for the same price on Amazon, but it did not come with the mouse. No complaints about the keyboard. The only thing I added was a mouse wrist rest (I have the Roccat one) because the mouse surface was too rough for my wrist. The cable management for the mouse works really well.

This is a good deal and I would get it if I was looking for another lap board.
will the mouse(kone aimo) be the same as what you get in retail stores?
Yes, its the same product.