Rocketbook Wave & Everlast Smart Notebooks (2-Pack)search

Rocketbook Wave & Everlast Smart Notebooks (2-Pack)

Rocketbook Wave & Everlast Smart Notebooks (2-Pack)

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Does this ship to Canada ?
If anyone wants to try out the Rocketbook app and check out how scanning and saving stuff works, then you should check out the free pages they offer as printable PDFs with the grid pattern, QR code, scanning symbols, etc.
Hi people. Just had a question before joining the drop. For the everlast version, does it ever deteriorate? Like after maybe a year, it just doesn't wipe off anymore? Also is the surface for the everlast glossy or just like paper? And it still has all the picture taking capabilities as the other version correct? Thank you all :)
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Hey man thanks! After your review, I'll probably buy :)
I‘ve had the everlast for about one year and have used it for taking notes in school. It hasnt stopped wiping off but it leaves indentations and if you press really hard that particular indentation would take more effort to wipe off. The paper is like a matte plastic but feels well enough like paper as you write as long as you let it dry a few seconds before to touch the ink or flip a page. Its comparable to like the paper that is used to print on textbooks just a lot thicker and sturdier.
overall opinion: like the concept and worked well enough for me but definitely could use a little more tinkering here and there
So, the only benefit over a regular book + pen + scanner app on the phone is that the cloud destination is selected automatically. Am I right?
Not regular pen, but a frixion pen.

So I already have a frixion pen, a normal notepad and camscanner app. Sounds like I'm already all ready to go...

Note for folks, frixion ink turns invisible in heat. So what happens when you accidentally erased stuff??? Put it in the freezer and it'll come back... Wonder how it works in winter then...
If you get the Everlast model, you can wipe it off with a cloth and it is endlessly reusable.
Have owned and used both.

Get the everlast. Binding on wave will eventually break. I did not contact customer service because were provided for free from work. They may take care of it.

Great products. Not a fan of Frixon pens as I prefer ballpoint but that is purely me.
Wish this was shipping to Australia. :(
A couple quick questions:

1) About the app--can it send the notes to a Network Attached Storage device directly? Or would this need to be filtered through email or some other cloud-service? I need to be able to send field notes directly to my database, and this could go a long way in helping with that.

2) In what sort of file type are the notes saved after being captured by the app? Its important for my purposes that I be able to easily edit and integrate field notes into other documents--again without having to convert the initial notes or buy other software to edit them.

P.S. I really hope some folks from the last drop can say how these books have worked out for them--especially the everlast, which I'm having a tough time finding a lot of information on.
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For what I am aware of you cannot send to a NAS but they have things like Dropbox and other cloud services you can send to. Secondly it uses PDF as the main print document however you can change the file type to what ever you want.
Also the magic is in the paper for the scan feature. and they have downloadable templates for that so really if you want you can always DIY your note book with that template.
Any artists tried drawing with this thing? Do drawings upload?
I've seen their videos, the app scans whatever you draw inside the outline of the page.
It's sad upon reading the comments that a lot of people are literally trying to find something wrong with what seems like a great product idea. If you don't like the idea please politely move to the next item without acting like a troll.
Just received my Rocket Wave. The size is perfect for what I use them for. I use it as a portable whiteboard for meetings. I capture the pages with Microsoft Lens for archives. Pretty good size. 80 pages with each page @ 8x9 inches. A lot of room to write
y u dont ship to eu :“(
Could we get the option to buy two different notebooks? Currently the order page only lets you select one model/size combination.
I just received one of the Everlast notebooks from a co worker as a thank you and I must say I love it. I ordered a nice big pack of pens from Amazon because I wanted more colors, but the concept and execution is really nice.

I'm the type of person who writes on every inch of a piece of paper before flipping the page. This notebook eases my OCD and allows me to separate my notes in a neater fashion.

Wiping the pages with a wet cloth is super quick and easy, and it is dry within 10 minutes or so. With 30+ pages it doesn't really matter how quick/slow the drying is. You can also erase the pen with the rubber tip if you need a quick edit.

The app is easy to use and functions well. I would definitely recommend the Everlast.