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RolliBot Wi-Fi Connected Vacuum/Wet Mop

RolliBot Wi-Fi Connected Vacuum/Wet Mop

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Cheaper on Amazon and Newegg right now.
Its $169 on amazon right now anyway.
Regular price on Amazon is $199. Pretty low ratings too...
Not a great discount (only 5 bucks more on Amazon with free Prime shipping), and the reviews on Amazon are pretty terrible.
I thought the idea behind group buying was to get a bulk price, and yet, has this item "ROLLIBOT GENIUS BL800" for $30 less ( $149.99 ) for one and even cheaper if you buy more than one.
Not only that but If we buy 5 from we can get them for $137.99! If only we could ship to 5 different locations we could move the group buy over there.
Anyone else thinking of buying this for the cheap price and reprogramming it? We can even call it general stabby!
Reprogamming? Explain
Tobby540 Reprogramming?
This is available from a few other retailers for around $20 bucks cheaper than the drops lowest price. Just Google the make and model.
does Anyone knows someone who actually had and used this?
I used mine
It’s such a waste of time reading these descriptions and looking for actual useful information on the Community’s experience with an item WHEN ALL YOU READ IS THIS ”MSRP BITCHFEST”. MassDrop, you need to have a third tab labelled “Bitching/Whining” so those of us interested in product performance and other things related to the drop can read just those things.
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You are a get together with Axeguy!
grow up or get off the sight! YYoYouYou are not not as funny as you think You are.!!
Go elsewhere to express your BS!ps/b/DCnRLUm/l
You stutter when you type. I didn’t know that was a ‘thing’. Good luck with that, JMLF; is there like a society I could donate to for that ailment?
Is this a top shelf model vacuum?
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Lol, you’re just full of smart ads comments huh?
People are just doing the best they can to try to sell stuff &Have to deal with smart ass ignorant comments in between.
What did I say?!
So does this come with the mop tank so you don't have to manually wet the rag ever so often I'm looking for something that will clean up after my Half man / half pig roommates : /
It says:

Mop Function
Water tank with mop
4 water nozzles
Evenly distributes water to cloth
Will keep cloth wet up to 1600 sf cleaning

So you'll have to refill it every now and again but you don't have to wet the rag or worry about it too much.